Mini Around The World!

WOW! we have seen collectors do some cool stuff with Maisto product out there, but the guys over at DiecastXchange have taken it to another level! It all started on August 3, 2005, the members of DiecastXchange started a project aptly named “DiecastXchange Mini Around the World.” They took a 1:18 Maisto Mini Cooper, a spiral notepad to chronicle the journey and two magic markers to sign the diecast model and sent it on it’s way.

B-Rad pointed out the post over at DiecastXchange to the CAPD and everyone was talking about it, that is Hardcore! The Mini’s long journey ended just recently on June 17, 2008 and it covered about 70, 854 miles. That is some trip! It visited some 31 members over the course of almost 3 years. If you get a chance take a look at the photo gallery of the Mini’s global trek RIGHT HERE. The photos are awesome!  

Check out the “Mini Around The World” post for more details and visit DiecastXchange, they have an excellent site!

If anyone else out there has some cool Maisto related stories, or awesome pics of their Maisto die-cast, send them our way and we will post them up on the blog for everyone to see. send all pics and stories to:


5 thoughts on “Mini Around The World!

  1. Thanks for featuring our little guy!
    I am one of the mods at DX and it has been a blast to be a part of it. I don’t think we really expected it to become this big. Also, the mileage does not reflect the distance traveled from it’s birthplace to the humble start at a Fry’s store.

  2. It is also worth noting the various countries that the Mini visited during its adventure!

    United States
    United Kingdom

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