1/64 Maisto Design: Elite Transport, Ramp Truck Combos

One of our longest running custom die-cast lines latest additions, the Ramp Truck combos! The Ramp Truck can currently be found in three separate color variations and paired with three different vehicles, the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Gasser, the 1969 Oldsmobile 442, and the 1993 Ford SVT Cobra! Take a look at all of them below and when seeking them out at your local retailer, be sure to keep an eye out for our special Maisto Design packaging, color-coded Yellow and labeled ELITE TRANSPORT!


Ramp Truck / 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Gasser


Ramp Truck / 1969 Oldsmobile 442


Ramp Truck / 1993 Ford SVT Cobra

1/24 Maisto Design: Exotics, The Bugatti Chiron


The world of Exotics is used to high dollar cars, but when the Bugatti Chiron gets involved, you bet that it’ll have the best upgrades money can buy! In the color combination of White and Light Blue, this 1/24th scale die-cast Bugatti Chiron sports custom and performance details along with a set of opening doors as well as an opening engine compartment! In order to find it, or any of the other vehicles found in our Maisto Design: Exotics line-up, keep an eye out for our custom Maisto Design packaging color-coded Orange and labeled EXOTICS!

1/64 Maisto Design: Classics 4-Pack


Four 1/64th scale models, themed in one of the various car culture categories, Classics, including the 1962 Chevrolet Biscayne Wagon, the 1929 Ford Model A, the 1960 Ford Starliner, and the 1950 Mercury! Those of you that fancy yourself as collectors will even be happy to hear that these packs even include an exclusive design that can only be found in the 4-Packs! Bonus Points if you can spot which one? Our additional 4-packs include the Muscle series, as well as a Exotics line! If you just can’t wait to see the rest, feel free to check out our Catalog on the site! When on the lookout at your local retailer for the Classics 4-Pack, keep an eye out for the packaging seen above!


1962 Chevrolet Biscayne Wagon


1929 Ford Model A


1960 Ford Starliner


1950 Mercury


MaistoTECH R/C: Stunt Series, The Cyklone Splash


The Cyklone Splash Is Prepared For Just About Anything! Drive It On Land Or Twist The Wheels To Unlock The Hidden Paddles And Drive It On Water! With Its Futuristic Styling, This 3-Wheeled Vehicle Has An Aggressive Look On Or Off The Road!

  • Approx. 10″ Long
  • USB Rechargeable Vehicle (Built-In Lithium Battery)
  • 2.4GHz For Top Performance
  • Up To 4 Players Can Drive At One Time And Place
  • 115Ft. (35 Meter) Control Range
  • Gamer Style Controller
  • Controller Uses 2 AA Batteries (Included)



Cyklone Ripper


It’s Wednesday meaning we’re halfway through the week and we’re taking a quick look at the Cyklone Ripper! A new plastic body, stunt cycle that requires no batteries! That’s right, the approximately 6 7/8″ long Ripper is powered by none other than a ripcord which comes included! Check out the video below as well as its additional colors to be found out in the wild, and when on the lookout for it at your local retailer, be sure to keep an eye out for either of the packaging options seen here!



1/18 Maisto Design: Tokyo Mod, The 1971 Datsun 240Z


It’s officially Monday afternoon and today we’re taking a look at the Maisto Design: Tokyo Mod 1971 Datsun 240Z in a 1/18th scale! Tokyo Mod features highly customized Japanese classic cars at the epitome of style from the heart of Japan itself! On the larger scale, this Datsun 240Z comes out at approximately 9½”, and its custom painted die-cast metal body utilizes a set of opening doors, an opening engine compartment and an opening trunk, leaving it completely open for you to take in all of its inner workings and custom details, including the detailed chassis with separate exhaust system! When on the lookout for it at your local retailer, be sure to keep an eye out for our special Maisto Design packaging seen above, labeled TOKYO MOD!



MaistoTECH R/C: Street Series, The 22” Ferrari 488 GTB


It’s Wednesday and we’re rolling on through the week with a quick look at one of our largest MaistoTECH R/C vehicles, this 22″ Ferrari 488 GTB! That’s right, at approximately 22″ long, this HUGE R/C comes in two color options, Red or Yellow, and sports very sculptural flanks which are the key to its character, just like it was designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre! Paired with our Pro-style controller at 2.4GHz, this mega Ferrari has working lights, a 164-Foot (50 Meter) control range, and up to 8 of them can be in use at any given place and time! A rechargeable battery and battery charger are also included and when looking for it at your local retailer, be sure to look for our MaistoTECH R/C packaging shown above!