Maisto On The Road With Harley-Davidson

well, sort of. it’s not as if we are off on a cross-country tour with the venerable motorcycle maker, more like we are at their semi-annual dealer’s show in viva las vegas. these are great shows, with the dealers coming in ready to write, and EVERYBODY being a fan of H-D. here a shot or 2 of the maisto booth…

there were also all sorts of cool bikes and new introductions, some of which we’ll wait to report on. but the coolest,  by far, were the new trikes – the tri-glide ultras. we have some great photos, but we don’t want to be first out with them, so we’ll have to wait a little before we show them. we did have a cool give-away, a poster featuring 3 of the new dark custom modified motorcycles – clearly a direction H-D needs to go.


6 thoughts on “Maisto On The Road With Harley-Davidson

  1. Man, it sure is nice, and a breath of fresh air, to see Harley taking it back a few shades of black and coming out with bikes like this. Might have to trade in the A4 for one. Next meeting, Bill & Linda should dress in leather and studs or something…

  2. My, my, my… That NIGHT ROD SPECIAL is going to be a beaut’ in my collection. GREAT JOB GUYS! THAT IS… dare I say, SEXY! Don’t tell anyone I used the word sexy to describe a bike.

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