2009 Nissan GT-R: And So It Begins…

Part 2 of our ongoing story of following a new 1:24 scale model from beginning to the store shelf.

April 18: I’ve filled out our Product Development Request (PDR) forms for each of the GT-R models that we’ll be making. These forms give the details about the scale, line name, features, etc. as well as business information such as the projected quantity to be made. The forms were signed off by the U.S. people involved and will be hand-carried to our headquarters office in Hong Kong this weekend. There, the forms will be reviewed and additional information such as pricing and the estimated retail availability date will be added. When the details are acceptable, the president of May Cheong will sign it and a copy will be sent to me to file here at the California office. BORING!!! But it’s better than having people not “being on the same page.” We won’t be telling you how much this project will cost us but it’s a lot so we want to be sure that the details are communicated in advance.

I’ve sent the photos and specs to my counterpart Brian at our Hong Kong office who will review them and advise management about the project. He’ll also let me know if he needs additional images. One interesting feature on the car are the panels under the chassis that reduce aerodynamic drag. It’s just as important to keep the air flowing smoothly underneath as it is on top. The photo also shows an enlargement of part of the exhaust system — there are some interesting shapes there that will visually set off the smooth panels surrounding it.


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