the time maisto met saber

well, i must be feeling a little nostalgic – 2 posts, 2 older stories. this one goes back a few years, maybe around 2005. custom shop had been in existence for a little while, and we were starting to get a little bit of street cred, as the kids called it in those days.

upon my return from a trip, i had a voice mail from a woman that was representing the world famous graffiti artist saber. mmm k, that’s good, i think, but street cred or not, i have no clue who saber is. so i ask r2b2 – “do you know a graffiti artist named saber?” r2b2 just laughs, says “oh yeah, we should meet, and btw, maybe you want to check this out”

f – me. now i don’t know a whole hell of a lot about graffiti, but that is one massive piece of work. turns out it is considered the largest piece ever done. in the world. so i called the lady back, said hell yeah we want to meet. turns out she is his mom, but she has been in licensing for a while. so saber was doing some stuff for scion at the time, as they were just getting off the ground, so we thought, why not worth a try. so we gave him a hummer h2, asked him to doll one up so we could see the effect. this is what he came back with.

mmm – yeah, i get it. i like it. in fact, of the 12 pieces or so of die-cast i have in my office, that h2 is in my glass cabinet. locked. so we say yeah, saber, here is a few bucks, give us some scion stuff. and he did. and we made it.

we had some fun with it. actually got them into kmart for 1 season, had a poster at sema, which saber signed a crapload of

and there you go. i think r2b2 and i had a little more fun with saber than we did with trump. the product did better too… btw, if you want to follow up on saber, check him out on here: Β saber on FB


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