McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo Announced!

McLaren-Ultimate-Vision-Gran Turismo-for-PS4-Gran-Turismo-Sport-00.jpg

If you’ve been paying attention to your motor news lately, McLaren Automotive’s new Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo car has caused quite a stir, and if you’re anything like us, it’s pretty easy to see why!

For those still out of the loop, in a response to video game creator Kazunori Yamauchi’s call for vehicle manufacturers to design “visionary GT cars,” McLaren’s Ultimate Vision was brought to life, with some collaboration in development from Yamauchi himself, for competition in the upcoming highly anticipated PlayStation 4 title, Gran Turismo Sport, who’s debut took place on October 17th!

Now this vehicle is not a prototype for any future McLaren model, but what it does do is provide us with an spectacular look toward the future with what McLaren could be capable of producing beyond the year 2030 focusing on technological excellence and their inherent principles such as a continued commitment to putting the driver first. The McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo also utilizes carbon fiber construction with Integrated Active Aero features, pioneering central prone driving position and a 1,150 horsepower hybrid powertrain, among other things, making it one extreme race car!

McLaren Automotive’s very own Design Director, Rob Melville, had this to say about the design experience, “We wanted to break new ground and to innovate and the McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo does exactly that. It puts the driver absolutely at the center of the action, delivering a sensory overload with incredible sound and awe-inspiring acceleration. From the game player’s point of view, the driving experience in this car will be like nothing else: the amazing glass cockpit and the motorcycle-like driving position – with your head far forward, almost right above the front axle – combine to allow you to see exactly where the apex of the corner is so you can shave vital milliseconds off each lap. More than anything though, the McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo is a stunning looking car. The design form communicates exactly what the car’s mission is and what its intentions are: it’s the ultimate expression of the McLaren design pillars and principles we have already established, future into the 2030s.”


On the opposite side of the spectrum, Gran Turismo’s creator and President of Polyphony Digital Inc, shared some choice words on bringing the whole project together, “I created the Vision Gran Turismo project to give car manufacturers the opportunity to design something that has all of the characteristics of their brand, and will live on as a playable vehicle in Gran Turismo. Many of the cars have become legendary in their own right, continuing to shine for years and attracting players from different eras. For me, a car needs to be an extension of the driver; I am focused not just on the appearance, but on the handling, the sound of the engine, and the feeling you get when you are racing. So, it was an honour to work with McLaren to bring the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo to life, and to put such a car on the circuits of Gran Turismo Sport for players to enjoy driving at the limit.”

As we stated before, Gran Turismo Sport, the latest title to be released in the famous Gran Turismo franchise for PlayStation, is right around the corner, and it gives players the ability to choose their preferred car from a slew of production and concept vehicles to compete in any one of 17 world-class circuits including Brands Hatch as well as the 24-hour Nürburgring!

Although the McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo, just like the other Vision GT concepts that have come to fruition, will only be available in the digital space, you can’t help but dream about one day getting your hands on one.


Community Capture: Nissan 370Z In Forza Horizon 3


We’re closing out the week with a little something special this time around. Instagram user @Car_Game_Pics has taken the Nissan 370Z we produced in 2009, recreated it in the video game Forza Horizon 3, and sent us in a few photos to share with you all! He’d also like to say thanks to the video game for giving him a chance to do this and for more pictures and videos you can visit his Instagram and YouTube pages! We’ve included the links for both below, and if you have some pictures or videos you’d like to share yourself, send them our way! Enjoy!








Halo Reach release party

Last night I was invited by a good friend (fellow toy designer) to attend the Halo Reach official release party. My buddy works at Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and tells me Microsoft is using the factory for it’s release of the new game (Halo Reach). So of course I was like, HELL YES! I love Halo, so do my kids. Needless to say the night was pretty awesome. I showed up a little early and got a quick “mini-tour” of Corpo and the factory.

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
Halo Reach Entrance

There were xbox 360 consoles and flat screens everywhere! Some were linked up so multiple players could check out the new game and kick the crap out of each other. All I have to say, is the friggin Jetpack rules!!! I have a whole new respect for Halo with this release. There are some awesome new features and some bitchin new and updated weaponry. Yeah, the party going on behind us, don’t bother us, we’re gaming here! Hey dj can you turn that down? You’re drowning out my Jetpack sound.

Some of us nerds getting our Halo Reach on.

The crowd starts to arrive, they got greeted by an awesome “hollywood style” step and repeat of Halo Reach, Xbox, and Microsoft. Then they got to walk up a Halo ramp into a Halo world. It was pretty amazing.

The crowd starting to arrive via the Halo entrance
Shepard Fairey doing his DJ set

And since this blog is about die-cast, toys and cars. Auto Gelato had an awesome delivery truck.

Auto Gelato truck

Microsoft knows how to throw a party, drinks, food, music, video games, awesome venue, hands down, best industry party I’ve been to.

Zombies looking for Food!

Welcome to Halo world. Where we party like it’s 1999, I mean… 2099.

Halo Crowd

This is Rob Dyrdek’s T-rex, I wanted to take it out for a spin, but you know, too many people in the way.

Rob's T-Rex

The stars were out, apparently I missed some of them, but Michelle Rodriguez, Zachary Levi, Nathan Fillion, Justin Beiber, B.o.B, Diplo, Olivia Munn, and I don’t know who else, but they were there. I heard one of the guys from Office Space was there, it was like NERD HEAVEN. Here’s Michelle Rodriguez trying out Halo Reach. She seemed to really like it.

Actress Michelle Rodriguez trying out Halo Reach

Got a chance to meet and chat with some of the game’s designers/developers from Bungie. Really cool dudes, who flew out just for this party. They were like the rockstars of the night in my opinion.

Some of the Halo Reach developers and Castro

The musical performances were awesome. B.o.B and his band kicked arse and had all the hipsters shaking their booties.

B.o.B performing
Me giving Halo Reach a spin

I had never listened to Diplo before, but his set was pretty much fire. Looking into his musical catalog now.

Diplo on the One's and Two's

We met Zachary Levi from Chuck, turns out he is toy nerd just like us. Very cool dude.

Cisco, Trace, Zachary Levi from Chuck, and Castro

See here, I thought my desk and toy collecting habit was bad, but Tracy has since surpassed my TOY NERDINESS. This is about 1% of the toys in his office. NERD.

Tracy's toys

One thing I realized after this awesome night in L.A., I NEED A NEW CAMERA. Oh wait, there is ONE MORE THING….

My copy of Halo Reach!!!