Lamborghini Partners with Blancpain Watches

Lamborghini has been busy of late. they are now announcing the partnership with blancpain, a famous swiss watchmaker, as the main sponsor of the 1-make racing series. the new name for the series is the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo. And why, you might ask, does this matter to you? Well for 1, it gives us a reason to show you this:


for another, could there be some die-cast in the not to distant future? officially, CHARLESMAISTO says we do not announce our products in advance. kind of like apple. unofficially, i’m like what the hell – jobs is out on medical leave, let’s turn this baby upside down! you bet there is some die-cast coming. 1/32 in Bburago and 1/24 in Maisto. Take that CHARLESMAISTO! NEXT!