R/C Reventon Hits The Shelves

as all of you know, maisto has a twin sistah from another mutha, that being bburago 


well bb has had all the fun as it relates to lamborghini’s famous and fabulous $1.5m reventon, building it in just about every scale imaginable. maisto has been left out, until now.

that’s right friends, the reventon is now available in 1:24 radio control! 

now you can experience all of the fun of owning one of the world’s most expensive cars, AND freely crash it into your garage wall by accident with little or no body scrapes.

she’s a looker, that is for sure. available today – the 1:24 radio control lamborghini reventon. ciao!


Reventon Flying High

got to hand it to the folks at Lamborghini – they really know how to make an entrance. They were invited to take part in the Turin 2008 World Design Capital conference, an italian symposium for all that is, well, italian design, and by that we mean cool and expensive. to mark their arrival at the Lingotto Conference Center, the good folks from sant a’gata decided to use a military helicopter to crate in a reventon to drive around on the test track ON TOP OF the conference center (why don’t we have test tracks on top of our conference centers in the us?) check out some of the pix below… 

and here the reventon hovers above a bowl…

and now getting ready to drop off it’s precious cargo on the test track…

and finally, it makes it onto the track for a few laps.

and by god, if they send us a beauty shot of the reventon, you are going to get it…

click { lamborghini-and-speed-eng1 } to read the official press release from lamborghini.