New Blog Topic! Maisto “In The Wild!”

We love to see the final product of our hard work, blood (yes, sometimes blood), sweat, and tears (for the softer guys.) So when we go do a store check (See Rick’s post on last week’s fiasco), we like to see what other products are out there, get inspired, and yes, catch a glimpse of our product out “in the wild” as we like to call it. Here are some shots I took on my iPhone of some recent product that we’ve found.

Iron Man 2 3-inch Singles at Wal-Mart

Iron Man 2 3-inch Singles at Wal-Mart

Pay no attention to those other guys…

New Harley Davidson, 2 Wheelers, and Elite Transport at Target

I worked on this stuff, it was pretty fun. Can’t wait to do more.

A close-up shot of the Harley Davidson H-D Customs
New AllStars Red Transporters and Assembly Line model kits at Target


so we came back from the Memorial Day weekend and low and behold several boxes for us to go through. awww yeah! everyone got excited to peep what kind of freshness awaits us this week. let’s take a peek! looks like the Street Troopers are out in force!

boxes and boxes of Street Troopers…ready to rid the streets of some SCUM!

here’s a closer look at PT-808, this bad boy transforms from vehicle to robot attack mode at the push of a button! he’s kind of cute…in a deadly, killer robot, kind of way!

here we have b-rad going through the boxes trying to find something dope and dimex telling him to get his hands off his booty! (booty in a pirate treasure kind of way.) b-rad is carrying a crapload of different 1:24 scale color schemes for the HUMMER® HX™. who’s that thug in the background? who let him in the design department?

oh yeah that’s ralph, and he’s found a special package of 1:64 scale AllStars Red.

b-rad faints cause he’s been waiting for something good. see how happy we get when the good stuff comes in? ok maybe he’s overreacting a little.

ooooooohhhh!!! colorful, plastic wrappped, die-cast metal goodness!

“whoop, whoop!!! that’s the sound of da police!”

it’s possible you may have found these already on the pegs and it’s also possible these are totally brand new to you, so keep your eyes peeled. sometimes we don’t know until we find ’em ourselves!

Rico’s Used Toy Lot!

Come on down and check out what we’ve got, test roll a brand-used vehicle today! We have plenty to choose from. Ok these are not really for sale, well they are when you find them in the store, but not these particular ones. These are first off the line decos. These are usually sent to licensors for approvals. These are what the CAPD uses to check our work and ensure you are getting a quality die-cast model, and our last chance to make any changes to the graphics or paint schemes. ENJOY!

Can you find any you don’t have? Any you have never seen? Leave us a comment and let us know!