I got nothin… (Freeway Fotos)

So sometimes it happens, we get busy, workin the day away, and then BOOM, it hits us….we haven’t posted yet today! What do we post? We have so much new product coming out, but can’t show it all just yet! We are kickin butt here, preparing for Fall Toy Preview in Dallas right now, so things are kind of crazy. We’re working on our catalog and banging out the rest of 2010/2011 product. So when we’re crunched for time, we rely on our good ol’ standby, “Freeway Fotos”.

But wait, what about all this new product? Like I said, there is stuff going on, that I just can’t talk about yet…so here’s a tease. I know… brutal.

Here’s what Jake has to say about it…

Street Troopers Target Exclusive!

Ok, so it’s Wednesday morning and I was running late for work because I had to meet with an electrician at my house, but that’s another story, and I hop on the freeway or should I say noway, as in there’s no way you’re going to get to work in a half an hour like usual. It’s foggy and it’s bumper to bumper traffic, that looks like it’s going nowhere! Excuse the bug remains please and give them a moment of silence…

and as I’m sitting there listening to the radio they’re telling me traffic is at a stand still because there are several lane closures because some people don’t know that you should drive slower in the FOG!!! I look out my window and what would usually be a view of the mountains and rolling hills, and the northbound lanes of the freeway are mysteriously BLOCKED by a thick white wall of FOG. Needless to say there were several multi-car pile ups. GO FIGURE.

I’m glad I was running late or I would have been in the middle of this FOGGY FIASCO.

So off to brighter news, Dimex received an HK package again, WOOHOO!!! We are on a roll this week. I guess that makes up for the lack of posts yesterday. This is a killer one, it’s the STREET TROOPERS PROJECT:66 “TARGET EXCLUSIVE”. That’s right, this particular deco can only be found at TARGET stores later this summer. HAPPY HUNTING!

Oh yeah, occasionally we’ll get asked by HK to supply some visuals for an instruction sheet or packaging and what not. This one is especially funny because it was so last minute, that we just took a quick pic of, well, we’ll just call him “DESIGNER X”, and used him for the illustration reference. Do you know who it is? Send us your comments! Have a great week!

HK GRAB BAG         1:10 HUMMER® HX™ Concept R/C!!!

So here it is, Monday, and the HK Grab Bag/Box thinga-ma-jiggy comes in. We are excited! What will arrive today? DiMex is so excited he is praying…

What is it? Hurry the suspense is killing us…

and it’s….

Fresh Metal samples…Cool, but not what we were expecting.

DiMex is obviously frustrated…Come on HK! Something New!

and it’s…Fresh Metal 1:18 Bikes! Still Cool, but we were hoping for something a little more.

But this…wait this one is big.

in all it’s bubble wrapped glory…

Geez, hurry up already Chris! Tear that sucker open!

Yes, the 1:10 HUMMER® HX™ Concept R/C Handsample!!! This is pre-production baby! You are getting a first glimpse of what will soon be hitting stores everywhere!

Isn’t it beautiful?

Yes…yes it is. Christian’s prayer worked…and now we don’t have to sacrifice him to the toy gods!

Till next time! Hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks!