Street Troopers…More exclusives!!!

These two bad a** PT-808’s arrived today, and they are awesome! I especially like the blue one! These two decos and packaging were made exclusively for QVC. The packaging was reduced to save space, so in this version PT-808 is in vehicle form, but he still transforms into Robot Attack Mode to open a can of Whoop A**!!!

and you know it wouldn’t be a Street Troopers post with out a link to our AWESOME STREET TROOPERS COMMERCIAL! (insert corny link segue here)


PT-808 Now In Production. World Crime Rate Drops. Coincidence?

denizens of the world – relax. everyone just take a chill pill, it’s all good. that’s because the latest threat to mankind has now met it’s match, now that street troopers pt-808 is in production and soon to be in stock in the friendly confines of maisto international’s warehouse in fontana ca. we’ve got the latest photos for you of pt-808 at rest…

and in attack mode,

in both of the initial colors.

for those that might have missed it, here is our commercial spot for both project 66 and pt-808.

radio controlled transforming vehicles that fire projectiles. rejoice!