NASCAR Pepsi Max 400, Auto Club Speedway

On 10/10/10, my family and I (well most of us) attended our first ever NASCAR race. It was pretty amazing. The sound and power these cars have is unbelievable! It is unlike anything I’ve ever attended. I knew they were loud and fast, but WOW, I had no idea. We got there really early and thanks to our buddy at Auto Club Speedway had pit pass access which was really cool, my son Jake loved it! Everything except the whole “walking” part.

So in the pit we got stopped by some of the Auto Club Speedway crew and they asked Jake who his favorite racer was, he didn’t have one since we are fairly new to all this NASCAR stuff. The guy said, well have you heard of Tony Stewart? He’s pretty good, and gave Jake a lugnut off of Tony’s #14 Car. Jake was stoked and I think he now has a favorite driver/car. Here is Tony’s car being pushed into the pit area.

Jake’s not sure what to make of all this… but I think he likes it.

So after all that excitement, we walked up to our seats and waited for the start of the race. The national anthem by Kenny Loggins was awesome, and then the fly over, wow! I’ve never seen Jake’s eyes so BIG!

And then the race started with those famous words “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!” It was pretty loud, they went around slow at first, then the race started… WOW!!!!!

After that awesome day, Jake getting a lucky lugnut, finding his favorite driver/car, who wins? TONY STEWART #14!!! Turns out it’s his first victory in California, how awesome is that?

Special Thanks to Josh and Everyone at Auto Club Speedway for the great time! We will be back for more!