’55 Buick Century….another Sneaky Peaky

Calling all cars….be on the lookout for a bada**, can I say that? Ok, a gorgeous Black & White, cruisin slow and low! I’d be honored to take a ride downtown in the backseat of this ride! This one would make even “2150” proud.buickpost_maisto_041

Ooh, and she looks so beautiful in red…


ok DD readers… you can pick your jaws up off your keyboards!


Sneaky Peaky… ’55 Buick Century

We recently got a shipment of production 1/64 ’55 Buick Century’s that looked extremely awesome! There were several paint schemes that would make any grown man drool with envy. As you all know (and if you didn’t now you do), I’m a nut for classic cars and hot rods. Anything vintage and it makes me feel right at home for some reason and I’m not even from that era. I guess it was the way I was raised. Anyways, here are 3 sneaky peaky photos of the ’55 Buick Century. I’m in love with this car! I’ll share more photos later!





Sorry for the lack of updates folks, things have been pretty busy around the ol’ Maisto offices. Our annual global sales meeting is in full swing and 2009 product is rolling down the assembly line. Oh yeah there is still that BIG announcement! We’ll see what turns up around the corner, cause there’s really no NEED for us to keep beating around the bush! So things are speeding along and today low and behold a new package from HK. You don’t know the feeling a CAPD designer gets when something we worked on shows up at the office as a PPS (Pre-Production Sample). Then the even greater feeling to see it show up on the store shelves around the world! IT’S AWESOME! Here are some new Street Tuners decos from our Twin Sistah Bburago! Also some sweet new Tonka decos!


You can’t go wrong with classic cars, they are just gorgeous, even if they are kind of wore down. Weathered, primered, rusted, whatever, you can’t beat cruisin’ down the street, scraping the ground, and turning heads. So when CAPD was asked to create some new tools for AllStars Elite Transport, we chose to go with our hearts! A ’57 Chevy Kustom Tow-Truck and this bad mutha (shut yo mouth!) is towing a Kustom ’50 Merc. Yes another paint variant of the famous Merc from our friends over at “Cacho Customs”. This one is bananas, good luck finding it on the pegs!



so we came back from the Memorial Day weekend and low and behold several boxes for us to go through. awww yeah! everyone got excited to peep what kind of freshness awaits us this week. let’s take a peek! looks like the Street Troopers are out in force!

boxes and boxes of Street Troopers…ready to rid the streets of some SCUM!

here’s a closer look at PT-808, this bad boy transforms from vehicle to robot attack mode at the push of a button! he’s kind of cute…in a deadly, killer robot, kind of way!

here we have b-rad going through the boxes trying to find something dope and dimex telling him to get his hands off his booty! (booty in a pirate treasure kind of way.) b-rad is carrying a crapload of different 1:24 scale color schemes for the HUMMER® HX™. who’s that thug in the background? who let him in the design department?

oh yeah that’s ralph, and he’s found a special package of 1:64 scale AllStars Red.

b-rad faints cause he’s been waiting for something good. see how happy we get when the good stuff comes in? ok maybe he’s overreacting a little.

ooooooohhhh!!! colorful, plastic wrappped, die-cast metal goodness!

“whoop, whoop!!! that’s the sound of da police!”

it’s possible you may have found these already on the pegs and it’s also possible these are totally brand new to you, so keep your eyes peeled. sometimes we don’t know until we find ’em ourselves!

Gold discovered in Fontana

Another pre-production sample in the recent package from Hong Kong (see the Street Trooper post below) is our 1:18 die-cast HUMMER® HX™ Concept for the Premiere Edition line, #36171. The actual HUMMER vehicle is Metallic Desert Sand color and our 1:18 in that color should be arriving in stores about now. Following it will be the HX in metallic blue, metallic red and, later this year, the metallic gold one shown below.