H-D Custom Pickup W/ Cycle, The 1/24 1942 WLA Flathead + 1948 Ford F-1 Pickup

We’re kicking off the week with a quick look at a couple of pieces from our H-D Custom line, the pairing of the 1942 WLA Flathead and 1948 Ford F-1 Pickup! This die-cast pick-up truck and motorcycle combo comes themed in a military deco, colored in Green and Black with White decals strung about! The pick-up itself even features opening doors, as well as an opening tailgate for loading and unloading the Flathead! To get your hands on this duo, along with our other Harley-Davidson models, keep an eye out for our special H-D Custom box at your local retailer!



Maisto Out of The Closet!

I was searching last night, you know, googlin and what not. Low and behold I find images of our long lost Stunt Runtz. These things were pretty bad ass for their time. Sure they could have used a little “cool” kick, but they were pretty dope as is. They were characterized stunt riders, busting some wild tricks on their crotch rockets. For the time, I’d say they were pretty amazing.

Stunt Runtz
Stunt Runtz

When I came to Maisto a few years ago and saw all the cool stuff they had under their belt, I knew this was the place for me. Myself being the figure/character aficionado that I am, saw these and loved them. The names on these however, well, that’s another story. I’m just glad I’m here now, so names like that never, EVER, get used again. EVER!

Freeway Fotos: Something Different

Normally I’m all about the cars, new, old, American muscle,Japanese, and even some exotics you know the usual suspects of awesome. I do love the look and the freedom of motorcycles on the open road. I would love to build a bike one day maybe after the 67 is done, just have to wait and see.

So on the way into CAPD I saw this bike on the 60 and had to snap a few pics of it. I really like the less is more on this bike, and how it’s set up. The rake is just enough not crazy, the bars are totally do able, not like ape hangers over your head. That’s cool for some dudes I’m not a fan but do what you like. The back tire isn’t so wide it looks like it should be on a car, another plus one in my book. No front fender, simple black paint, just enough chrome to pop, you can actually see the cables! It’s a machine and I personally like that you can see that side of it. A real classic look in my opinion, this bike looks great today and will still look great 25 years from now.

Some may find this bike bland and not flashy enough, it’s not hip with the current trends. How many more bikes need realistic flames really???

More Food? Maisto attends the Aprilia Dinner.

look – everyone relax, ok? this isn’t another one of those i went to lunch and got inspired kind of posts. not even close. cuz it was dinner and really, we didn’t even go. but we were represented, that’s for sure.

for the second year in a row, our pal michael fiduk, event planner extraordinaire of piaggio group americas, asked for some 1:12 scale replicas of the aprilia rsv1000r to adorn each and every table at their annual dinner during the laguna seca race weekend. these are the kinds of requests we like to fulfill. michael was even kind enough to invite us up for the event, but we cordially declined due to prior commitments (namely my wife doesn’t exactly get motorcycles)…

here are some photos of the event tables:

sand, surf, tiki lamps, heaters, maisto motorcycles… is this… heaven????

they have obviously just made an announcement of the suppliers of the beautiful die-cast replicas sitting on everyone’s table…

and here is Aprilia Supermoto Racer and Team Manager, Darryl Atkin, addressing the crowd..

all in all, another successful pr event by the maisto team – and special thanks to michael for allowing us to participate. we’ll see you all next year, same place and time…

some more 2-wheeling fun

while we are on the subject of motorcycles, we thought we would share the latest from our gascap line of die-cast kids toys – these are the ones that have the light up eyes and engine sounds when you push the gascap. our cars did ok, but the motorcycles have been absolutely screaming off the shelves – take a look at these designs and we think you will see why…