Rossi to Ducati in 2011

in case you had not heard, this is big news. valentino rossi is joining ducati next year. in europe, this makes lebron’s “decision” seem like chopped liver. here is the official story from ducati…

Rossi and Ducati together again from 2011

to be honest, i couldn’t figure out that pic on the ducati website – but i think it is a dm (ducati motors) and vale (valentino).¬†typically, motogp teams provide data for new bikes, liveries, etc sometime in the beginning of the year. based on this news, we are seeing ducati in 2 weeks to discuss a “new” plan of attack. just sayin…


You have questions. We have (some) answers.


i have been meaning to write this post for a while, but something always just got in the way. sorry about that. but every once in a while, we get some questions in our comments section to a post, and dammit, you all deserve some answers. so here goes, let me try to address some of what has been on your mind…

Q. Catalogs – How do we get one?

A. probably our number one asked question, and honestly, i don’t have a straight answer for you. the catalogs are expensive, $6 to $7 each, and at 152 pages for maisto, and 108 pages for bburago, there is going to be some shipping charges as well. they are primarily used for the trade, retailers, licensors, etc. as opposed to mailing the paper catalog, which would be expensive and kill a tiny forest, maybe there are 2 better options – download from our website (our best option) or COD (catalog on disk). the download we hope to have ready by mid March. the disk would still require us to exchange money, though. would you pay for shipping and handling of a disk to satisfy your catalog needs?

Q. Line Listing – how do we get it?

A. Kind of like the catalog issue, it is really meant for the trade. we will be updating the website over the next 45 days with the 2009 line-up. some has already been done, there is a lot more to do, but as soon as jose gets back from new york toy fair, he is on it.

Q. How Can We Contact You To Tell You What We Want You To Make?

A. This question is near and dear to the daily dose heart. And we have a simple answer for you:



we’ll add this button to the rollbar on the side, but it is your invitation to write us on whatever topic you like. we want to hear from you about what models you would like us to make, colors, or even send over pictures of your collection – maybe we’ll even post it on the DD!

Q. What is the relationship, other than twin sistah from a different mother, between Bburago and Maisto?

A. Sisters, to be sure. Owned now by the same parents. We have posted many topics here about Bburago, but later this year, Bburago will be getting their very own blog! Their website is maintained in Italy, but the blog will be pure fontana, baby…

Q. MotoGP – What is the latest?

A. OK Hickhamt – this one’s for you and your crew at¬† we are hoping this year will be a little easier for the new liveries, but we can’t say for sure. we do know that the bikes are barely changing, so that makes it easier. i’ll know more after i see the folks from ducati the end of this week, but we would hope to have stoner and hayden bikes ready by mid-april. forget about rizla-suzuki, i don’t see it happening. kawasaki is more likely, but sales are going to have to increase for us to expand beyond ducati, honda, and yamaha, and in these times, i’m just not so sure. regarding older liveries, just won’t happen – each livery is expensive to produce, plus there are licensing hassles, and cuz i handle the licensing, and i don’t ike hassles, fuhgettabout it…

Q. Full Size Trucks – will you make more of these?

A. Uh, probably not at the top of our radar screen right now, at least in die-cast. we will have a whole slew of r/c trucks coming out later this year in our MaistoTECH brand, but the die-cast tools are so costly, they really have to turn into a big number for us worldwide in order to recoup the dollars out of the mold.

More Food? Maisto attends the Aprilia Dinner.

look – everyone relax, ok? this isn’t another one of those i went to lunch and got inspired kind of posts. not even close. cuz it was dinner and really, we didn’t even go. but we were represented, that’s for sure.

for the second year in a row, our pal michael fiduk, event planner extraordinaire of piaggio group americas, asked for some 1:12 scale replicas of the aprilia rsv1000r to adorn each and every table at their annual dinner during the laguna seca race weekend. these are the kinds of requests we like to fulfill. michael was even kind enough to invite us up for the event, but we cordially declined due to prior commitments (namely my wife doesn’t exactly get motorcycles)…

here are some photos of the event tables:

sand, surf, tiki lamps, heaters, maisto motorcycles… is this… heaven????

they have obviously just made an announcement of the suppliers of the beautiful die-cast replicas sitting on everyone’s table…

and here is Aprilia Supermoto Racer and Team Manager, Darryl Atkin, addressing the crowd..

all in all, another successful pr event by the maisto team – and special thanks to michael for allowing us to participate. we’ll see you all next year, same place and time…

maisto on the track – 1:10 ducati ready to race!

fresh on the heels of our ultra successful line of 1:18 moto gp racing motorcycles, maisto is ready to begin shipments of the new 1:10 scale moto gp. first to the track will be the ducati team, headed by #1, last year’s champ, casey stoner

also in the mix is #33 marco melandri.

well, sort of. seems marco might find himself on the outside looking in – the rumors are rampant about a possible replacement in may, maybe by max biaggi. but until then, we’ve got stoner and melandri ready to race.