1/24 Maisto Design: Exotics, The Mercedes-AMG GT


We’re back in the office on a Monday and today we’re kicking off the week with a quick look at the Mercedes-AMG GT coming straight out of our 1/24th scale Maisto Design: Exotics series! This high dollar car features the best upgrades, custom wheels and paint that money can buy! Built not only to go fast but look good doing it, this die-cast Mercedes-AMG GT can be found in Metallic Dark Grey and Red, and utilizing a set of opening doors as well as an opening engine compartment to give you a look at all of the vehicles inner details and workings! In order to find it or any of the other Maisto Design: Exotics vehicles on your local retailer’s store shelves, be sure to keep an eye out for our special Maisto Design packaging, color-coded Orange and labeled EXOTICS!

New Color!: 1/24 Special Edition, The Mercedes-AMG GT


It’s officially Tuesday and today we’re bringing you a quick look at another new color option coming from our 1/24th scale Special Edition line-up! If you take a peek at the picture above, you’ll see that yes, the Mercedes-AMG GT can now be found in Dull Black, as well as its two previous color variants, Silver and Red! In terms of features, you’ll find that this die-cast GT’s opening hood and doors help to reveal all of it’s interior and engine compartment details hidden away inside! When on the lookout for it or any of our other Special Edition models, be sure to keep an eye out for our standard Maisto packaging, color-coded Blue and labeled SPECIAL EDITION!

1/24 Fresh Metal MotoSounds, The Mercedes-AMG GT


It’s a brand new week and today we’re taking a look at a brand new model joining the line-up of our 1/24th scale Fresh Metal MotoSounds, the Mercedes-AMG GT! Just like the rest of our MotoSounds, the AMG GT is a free-wheeling light and sound vehicle that activates at the press of the hood! At your local retailer, you’ll find it in an open touch, “Try Me” package giving you a chance to try it out for yourself!

New Color!: 1/18 Exclusive, The Mercedes-AMG GT


We’re opening up the week with a look at a new color variant for one of our 1/18th scale Exclusive series line-up, the Mercedes-AMG GT! That’s right, the Mercedes-AMG GT can now be found in Metallic Blue, as well as its original Red color option! When it comes to features, the AMG GT comes packed with an opening hood and trunk, a set of opening doors, full-function steering at the turn of the steering wheel, and a 4-wheel spring suspension system! Its higher attention to detail and more authentic, high coat paint can be found in a unique closed collector’s box, just like the rest of the Exclusive series, with the Mercedes-AMG GT found visibly on the front and labeled EXCLUSIVE!