The 1/24 SE Lamborghini Diablo

We’re winding down here for the week but we’re taking one last look at the Lamborghini Diablo that can be found in our 1/24th scale Special Edition line! Coming from our 2016 catalog, this die-cast supercar can be found in one single color option, Red! In terms of features, you’ll find that the Diablo utilizes an opening hood and engine compartment, as well as opening scissor doors! To find it, or any of our other Special Edition models, keep your eyes open for our standard Maisto packaging color-coded Blue!


Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

some posts just write themselves, others, you just need a visual…

sesto elemento = 6th element. the 6th element: carbon. as in carbon fiber. and it sounds so cool… sesto elemento. like a techno band from the 80s.

just a concept for now. but that is 1 bad ass car. and here is the press release from our friends in Sant’Agata…

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

New Lamborghini Tease

as seen on various blogs, Lamborghini sent out some photos teasing a new car. hard to say what is fact and what is fiction. the photos are real, that’s for sure…

will it be launched at the Paris Auto Show? is it the long-rumored Murcielago replacement? will it be named Jota? but most importantly, will maisto/bburago be making product for this vehicle?

here are a couple of links, basically asking the questions (well except for that last one that i just through in…)

Motor Authority – Lamborghini Jota

Jalopnik – Lamborghini Jota

we’ll will have to wait and see…

Lamborghini and the Expo 2010 Shanghai

You knew the House of the Raging Bull would want to make an appearance anywhere up to 35 million visitors would be, and so it is that Lamborghini is a major sponsor of the Bologna stand at the Expo going on right now. Featured in the booth – the brand new Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera. Check out the photos below, including that of Lamborghini President Stephan Winkelmann (the non-blue one) in the second photo.

Freeway Fotos – Lamborghini Diablo

how was your week-end? mine? oh, thanks for asking. i drove 600 miles this week-end. and i didn’t go anywhere. thanks to a daughter with an active social calendar, a wife and mother-in-law out of the country, nobody to take care of the dogs, i was stuck driving the 210 for the better part of the week-end. at least i had this beautiful, white lamborghini diablo to keep me company for about a minute or 2…

yeah, i know, with all my free time maybe i could clean the rearview mirror? give me a break – i mean you want the fotos or not?

that’s what i thought – you’ll take the fotos however dirty my mirrors and windshields are..

and just like that she was gone. as for me, the wife is coming back tonight, so i get to drive back to lax from san bernardino – another 170 miles roundtrip. anyone need a ride somewhere tomorrow? i got nothing going on so far…