No Pictures Please!!!

Yesterday we had to arrange a little photo shoot of a playset for Bburago, and yes we had to bring in the big guns! Not The Jonas Brothers, Not Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or Leonardo… We brought in Jake and Michael. Yes little Castro, and little Chu, son of super salesman Robert Chu! The game was set and the task was simple, get some good photos to use on a package. Jake was ready like a week ago, reminding me every day, are we going to work tomorrow dad? when Dad? when are we going to work? Well yesterday was the day and he was so excited! We both came in with our backpacks and started the work day!

He was having a blast! pulling toys out, grabbing cars off of desks, nerf guns, you name it! Here he is playing with some of the latest Street Troopers!

So after he played a while, had lunch, it was time to go to work! Wait this isn’t work? Is it? Here’s some of the CAPD setting up the shoot. Making sure the pics come out nice!

Here’s Michael and Jacob (the talent)! They had never met each other before, but hit it off instantly, they did just what any kids would do…they played! Completely ignoring the photoshoot set up and boring adults!

Here’s a shot behind the scenes, Dimex filming for the DD and our youtube page. Also R2B2 and Charles in the background.

These little guys had the best time! Here’s a view from above.

And that was it! The boys did great, played the whole time, didn’t complain, and got hooked up with some cool toys and Maisto swag!!! I bet RHB wishes the design team was that easy to deal with! Yet another reason why I Love My Job!

Til’ Next Time!

Jake’s first Safari!

So yesterday I was called upon my duty as a parent to go on a field trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We have twins (a boy and girl) that were both going on the field trip, but on separate buses. Our little guy though (Jacob), it was his first time at a place like this. He’s always talking about animals, he loves watching anything on discovery, and he loves sharks, tigers, and lions in particular. So we started our journey on a Monday morning, the fog was back, along with the traffic.

Here’s Jake, ready to go, hiding behind the sign after we entered the park.

Things look so much bigger and cooler from his point of view!

He’s on top of the world!

This little momma was swinging around with her little baby clinging to her. It was so cool! She stopped right in front of us and cheesed it up for our camera!

The girls (including my daughter) wanted to cool off, and were playing with this thing that dropped water randomly and when they pulled the ropes. Here they are scattering when an unexpected drop of water came down, and little Jake got caught in the melee and fell to the ground, losing his shoe! Crazy kids!

As we were walking the rigorous up and down paths, we heard a roar. When we heard it, we happened to be walking on a dirt trail with trees on each side, the girls freaked out thinking something was coming after us. Well, we found the tiger’s area, and Jake wanted to get a closer look.

After that we saw some elephants and everybody was pretty tired from all the walking, including daddy CASTRO, a.k.a. “Tour Guide CASTRO”.

And with that…Jake said…”I’m Outta Here!”

You may wonder what this has to do with Die-Cast or Toys for that matter, well, NOTHING! This is just a day in the life of a CAPD designer, and it’s experiences like this that keep me creating and enjoying life! Till next time!