another new line for 2009

we have a fair amount of new products coming out for 2009, so we thought we would share 1 or 2 of them with you. this one is a little more toy-ish, but we look for big things from it never-the-less. say hello to fresh metal power patrol – based on our power racer line, approxiately 1:35 – 1:40 scale, with pull-back motors:



now if you were anywhere close to so cal this last week, you know doubt saw a vehicle looking very much like what we have racing to the next inferno. we lost over 40,000 acres and 900 homes to fires in 3 different areas. mad props to all firefighters, police, and other workers that kept everybody safe!



we’ll be working on a bevy of new designs for power patrol, and we will also have a parallel line in our tonka brand called recsue rigs. for now, you’ll have to sit tight for both of these lines til the new year…


GSM Report #1 – New Dirt

there is some new dirt on the horizon for maisto, and DD is giving you the inside scoop. conceived by our german distributor, and given it’s soul by your friends in fontana, the new dirt riders line is sure to make you feel a little grimy, maybe a little dusty, all in a good way of course. think of an off-road truck, coming back after a long w/e in the trails, gas prices be damned, not yet hitting the drive-thru car wash – that’s dirt riders. each piece is unique in it’s mud sprayed design, and titles will be available in both 1:24 and 1:18. first up, the 1:18 H2 SUT:

next is the 1:18 jeep rescue – a concept vehicle a couple of years ago, but they might as well get it a little dirty…

and the last of the 1:18s, for now, also a concept, but rumored to be appearing in the new blockbuster next summer, the hummer hx:

we have a couple of 1:24 to show you as well, starting with the mercedes-benz m class (hey, our german distributor came up with the idea – we had to throw them a bone, right???):

and also check out the brand new hummer h3t:

there you have it friends – light-bars, brush guards, off-road tires, and dirt. you got to love it. in germany this xmas, in the usa in spring.

It’s a Hummer World!!!

…well with gas prices the way they are right now and the state of the automotive industry, this little 1:18 Hummer HX Concept might be your best bet! we know you’ve seen pics of this one already, but not like this, here it is in it’s production package which kinda makes me want to grab my family, some smores and head out on a camping trip! you know…if gas wasn’t almost 5 bucks a gallon!!! when will this madness end? Who would have ever thought the day would come that you can buy a meal for less than 1 gallon of gas. Oh yeah back to the subject…








Gold discovered in Fontana

Another pre-production sample in the recent package from Hong Kong (see the Street Trooper post below) is our 1:18 die-cast HUMMER® HX™ Concept for the Premiere Edition line, #36171. The actual HUMMER vehicle is Metallic Desert Sand color and our 1:18 in that color should be arriving in stores about now. Following it will be the HX in metallic blue, metallic red and, later this year, the metallic gold one shown below.

HK GRAB BAG         1:10 HUMMER® HX™ Concept R/C!!!

So here it is, Monday, and the HK Grab Bag/Box thinga-ma-jiggy comes in. We are excited! What will arrive today? DiMex is so excited he is praying…

What is it? Hurry the suspense is killing us…

and it’s….

Fresh Metal samples…Cool, but not what we were expecting.

DiMex is obviously frustrated…Come on HK! Something New!

and it’s…Fresh Metal 1:18 Bikes! Still Cool, but we were hoping for something a little more.

But this…wait this one is big.

in all it’s bubble wrapped glory…

Geez, hurry up already Chris! Tear that sucker open!

Yes, the 1:10 HUMMER® HX™ Concept R/C Handsample!!! This is pre-production baby! You are getting a first glimpse of what will soon be hitting stores everywhere!

Isn’t it beautiful?

Yes…yes it is. Christian’s prayer worked…and now we don’t have to sacrifice him to the toy gods!

Till next time! Hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks!