Quiet Storm: A Photo Exhibition by Jae Bueno

A friend of ours, photographer and die-cast collector, Jae Bueno is having a solo photo exhibition at Brooklyn Projects in Pasadena tonight. If you’re in the area, stop by and show your support. I’ll be in attendance for sure.

Brooklyn Projects & Jae Bueno Present “Quiet Storm”
A Jae Bueno Photo Exhibition…This Saturday 9/25 6p-10p
Open Bar Sponsored by Sino Tequila…Live Music By DJ Wrex;
Free Giveaways from Acrylick, and More….

Also there will be a special Brooklyn x Jae Bueno x LABELS collaboration tee for sale at the event…so make sure you come out!

Get your kicks!

Well since we love cars here, and since CAPD is based in the beautiful hub city of Fontana, California, right in the heart of San Bernardino County. I’m gonna share with all of you a weekend past-time that everyone should check out when they get a chance, if you haven’t already. It’s called Route 66 Rendezvous, it’s happening NOW and lasts through the weekend!

Get all the info you need on Route 66 Rendezvous here!

Up Close and Personal with Maisto’s new 1:24th Scale 29 Ford Model A!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about one of our latest castings, a 1:24th scale 29 Ford Model A. We have two variations, a more subtle custom version and a chopped and dropped hot rod version. Charles and I (CASTRO) worked together to bring you the two different versions. I didn’t work on the graphics this time, but I can’t wait to get my hands on one! What I did do was take Charles’ already awesome more traditional look, and hacked it up stretched it out, and slammed it to the ground. Just how I like ’em!

Here is the first style that will show up in Maisto’s Special Edition line. She looks purrrdy in Red.

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (Special Edition)
1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (Special Edition)

Here she is in yellow, very Hot! Makes you want to take her for a run down the two-lane blacktop!

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (Special Edition)

Here is…get ready for it…the kustom version, graphics by our boy JCUriarte. I like the two-tone color combo.

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (AllStars)

and here, just the way I like ’em. Flat black with a little red & white pinstriping. Lookin’ pretty bad ass! Yes those are “suicide” doors.

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (AllStars) with Doors Open

She is a BEAST!

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (AllStars) Front View

and looks great from behind!

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (AllStars) Rear View

is that? Holy Moly, yest it is….

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (AllStars) Side View

a Skull Knob shifter…..wowzers. Here’s a little close-up of the guts. Hard to see, but she has some awesome bomber style seats as well. You can bet I will be designing some bitchin’ paint schemes for these, Whitewall Rebels and Outlaws of the world unite!

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (AllStars) Pattern/Skull Shift Knob Detail

Mooneyes Summer 2010

Greetings Maisto friends! We’re trying to liven up this blog so if you can, please pass the word around to your friends to come by and check it out. We are trying our best to post daily, and we’ve been doing pretty good. If you have any questions you would like answered or topics you would like to see, send them to the e-mail link to the left. I went to the Mooneyes Summer 2010 Party, it was a make up event for the rained out X-Mas Party last year. This time it was not pouring rain, but maybe pouring sweat, because it was pretty dang hot! Here are just a few of my favorite cars and trucks from the show.

This one was my son Jake’s (6 years old) favorite car in the show. He has an eye for Cadillacs, how awesome is that?

Outlaw Garage!!! Nice!

This ’36 reminded me of that new 2011 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport!

Freeway Fotos

Hey gang, I was driving home the other day and caught this bitchin hot rod coming up in my rear view. I quickly reached for my iPhone in my pocket and selected the camera app. This guy flew by me (since I slowed down to snap a pic). There was a lot of traffic so it was hard for me to catch up to him and get a good pic.

I sped up to catch him, then he dropped back behind me again. This is fun while you’re trying to take a picture, drive, and oh yeah….NOT DIE!

I drove all the way up the hill, almost home, before I got a decent pic. That my friends is dedication. Hope you enjoy.

Don’t forget this Sunday is the Mooneyes Summer X-mas show make up event. I will be attending with my family to check out the awesome rides, vendors, grab some King Taco, and listen to some great music! Hope to see you there.

Hot Rods!

Seeing as how Summer is officially here, it seems like there is an event every weekend. Just a week ago was  Ink-N-Iron, this past weekend was the L.A. Roadster Show, so many great hot rod and kustom shows. The guys in CAPD are a very diverse group, but we all have one thing in common, WE LOVE CARS! Particularly, cars from the past! (For me, it’s Hot Rods!) But, whether it’s hot rods, muscle cars, gassers, lead sleds, vintage drag cars, low riders, Cadillacs, it doesn’t matter, we love ’em all! Here are a couple photos I took back in January of 2009 and never posted of some hot rods Maisto has produced. If you enjoy these, I will post more!

In the center of this pic is a custom convertible 29 Ford I chopped up for fun.

This little guy was from the Gas Caps/Gassers collection. A tooned out version of a ’49 Merc! Still one of my fav’s!

and here is a new Freeway Foto I snapped of a bad ass Hot Rod Rig on my way home the other day. It’s too bad I couldn’t get a better pic, but I think you can see how rad this thing was!

Fabulous Freeway Foto Friday!

this morning there was some heavy traffic, so I had some time to reflect. Cruising, or crawling I guess would be more like it., I had time to think about work, life, and that awesome nailbiter of a game last night. If you didn’t already know, I’m a huge Laker fan, so I was pretty stoked, and my boss, “El Señor” RHB is a huge Celtic fan, so I’m guessing he was not. It’s been kind of awkard the last couple of weeks, and now he tells me I cannot have the day off to go to the victory parade, boo! Anyhoo, this post is not entirely “un-car-related”, because while I was driving to work, I spied these two awesome hot rods! Enjoy!

and this last pic, well this one’s just for “El Señor” and our buddy Rainier!

Freeway Fotos

Hey everyone! How’s it going out there? We’re busy as usual, trying to get the catalog finished up for 2010, finish up some packaging, and as always working on new concepts! But there is always time for some “Freeway Fotos!” So Dimex was on the freeway this passed Sunday and caught this bitchin hot rod, awesome pic Chris! This one makes me and I’ll bet the big guy proud… (wipes tear from eye)