Sorry for the lack of updates folks, things have been pretty busy around the ol’ Maisto offices. Our annual global sales meeting is in full swing and 2009 product is rolling down the assembly line. Oh yeah there is still that BIG announcement! We’ll see what turns up around the corner, cause there’s really no NEED for us to keep beating around the bush! So things are speeding along and today low and behold a new package from HK. You don’t know the feeling a CAPD designer gets when something we worked on shows up at the office as a PPS (Pre-Production Sample). Then the even greater feeling to see it show up on the store shelves around the world! IT’S AWESOME! Here are some new Street Tuners decos from our Twin Sistah Bburago! Also some sweet new Tonka decos!


HK GRAB BAG         1:10 HUMMER® HX™ Concept R/C!!!

So here it is, Monday, and the HK Grab Bag/Box thinga-ma-jiggy comes in. We are excited! What will arrive today? DiMex is so excited he is praying…

What is it? Hurry the suspense is killing us…

and it’s….

Fresh Metal samples…Cool, but not what we were expecting.

DiMex is obviously frustrated…Come on HK! Something New!

and it’s…Fresh Metal 1:18 Bikes! Still Cool, but we were hoping for something a little more.

But this…wait this one is big.

in all it’s bubble wrapped glory…

Geez, hurry up already Chris! Tear that sucker open!

Yes, the 1:10 HUMMER® HX™ Concept R/C Handsample!!! This is pre-production baby! You are getting a first glimpse of what will soon be hitting stores everywhere!

Isn’t it beautiful?

Yes…yes it is. Christian’s prayer worked…and now we don’t have to sacrifice him to the toy gods!

Till next time! Hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks!