The Art of Maisto and Bburago

we are back from another successful trip to hong kong. the mood amongst customers was positive, given the state of the economy, and we are placing our outlook at level orange – cautious optimism. while there we are always ready, camera in hand, to take some photos that we hope you might find interesting.

this next grouping of photos are snapshots of what is used to decorate the offices and showroom in hong kong. we hear from many people that the maisto/bburago showroom is one of the finest – not just product lay-out, but everything that goes into the look, the feel, and the style of the headquarters. some of the following is what gives it that feel.

first up – blackie. blackie is a famous photographer from germany that is used a lot by our distributor for their ad layouts. a couple of years ago he showed the bosses some pictures he had put together using our products – they are outrageous, cool, and most definitely blog-worthy…



these two pieces were printed on a canvas material and stretched over a wood frame, giving it a hand-pained look. maybe 36″ by 48″

this next group is a little on the more esoteric side. when we were going through the Bburago facility, they had all sorts of interesting artwork – much of it incorporating actual die-cast pieces. it was all arranged in formation, then painted, usually a very bright color, framed. next.




hope you enjoy the look inside our headquarters.