New Color!: Fresh Metal Heartland Haulers


It’s Friday and we’re wrapping up the week by taking a quick look at the new color options coming from our Fresh Metal Highway Haulers! That’s right, our truck and trailer sets got a couple new deco sets, including the Bacon Blaster BBQ livery seen above, and the Heartland Burgers livery seen below! Keep an eye out for them at your local retailer by looking for our Fresh Metal packaging labeled HIGHWAY HAULERS!



New Color!: Harley-Davidson Haulers


It’s Friday and we’re closing out the week with a quick look at a new color and deco option for our custom Harley-Davidson Haulers! This one comes to you in the iconic Orange and Black with the H-D logo show in full view on the trailer as well as the truck’s cab! This die-cast collectible can be found in one of our special H-D custom widow-box packaging with Harley-Davidson’s colors and logos shown proudly on all sides at your local retailer!

NASCAR Haulers

no, we’re not producing any of them in our awesome All Stars Haulerz, Highway Haulers, or Fresh Metal Extreme Haulers, someone else does that. However it is sweet that they show up right down the street from us and parade into the famous Auto Club Speedway here in Fontana. Our buddy and shy blogger JC Uriarte snapped up these photos from his balcony for us. Just so we could share them with you all on the Daily Dose! What a guy! Could you imagine looking out your window and seeing this caravan? Let’s call these “Street Snaps” since they are not really Freeway Fotos.