1/24 Maisto Design: Outlaws, The 1929 Ford Model A


It’s Wednesday and today we’re taking a quick look at a color option from our 1/24th scale Maisto Design: Outlaws series for the 1929 Ford Model A! That’s right, the Ford Model A can be found in the color combination of Yellow and Black with the Number 2 found on the side with a fading effect! On top of its custom paint and performance details, this die-cast model features a set of opening doors to give you a better peek at all of its inner details! In order to find it on your local retailer’s shelves, keep an eye out for our custom Maisto Design packaging color-coded Purple and labeled OUTLAWS!


1/24 Maisto Design: Assembly Line, The 1929 Ford Model A


It’s officially Friday and we’re closing out the week with one last quick look at the 1929 Ford Model A coming from our 1/24th scale Maisto Design: Assembly Line series! This die-cast metal model kit for the Model A features everything needed for assembly already to be found inside the box, even the screwdriver, with no additional paint or glue needed! Upon completion, you’ll also find that your new old school vehicle will even utilize a set of opening doors to give you a view of what it’s like from behind the dash! When on the lookout for it at your local retailer, be sure to keep an eye out for our double decker Maisto Design packaging, labeled Assembly Line!

1/64 Maisto Design: Tow & Go, The 1929 Ford Model A w/ Traveler Trailer


¬†We’re halfway through the week so we’ve got a little bit of a Whitewall Wednesday going on for you today with a quick look at one of the new combos found in our 1/64th scale Maisto Design: Tow & Go series! Joining the line-up is this die-cast 1929 Ford Model A, paired with our traveler trailer, sporting a Red, and Black color scheme with some Whitewall tires for some extra kick! As always, when looking for them or any other models from the Tow & Go line-up, be sure to keep an eye out for our custom Maisto Design window-box or blister-card packaging color-coded Teal and labeled TOW & GO!