1:64 scale Extreme Haulers pt.2

As you can see from r h b’s blog below – we are extending our line of Fresh Metal big rigs with the new addition of the 1:64 scale International Lonestar Extreme Hauler. You guys are going to love these things! Excellent attention to detail and some pretty notable brands adorning the sides of these rolling billboards. Kicking off the first release will be Audiobahn Stereo Equipment, Firestone tires, Hot Rod Magazine, Motor Trend Magazine, our own brand GEAR 18 and of course an awesome colab featuring Gangster Billy and Dstroyr!

We will be doing a follow up detail pictorial of these soon along with release info so stay tuned!

Now all we need is some Jerry Reed playing in the background and we’ll be doing just fine.



Hi everyone this is Jon Chase, it’s Wednesday and my first post here on Maisto. Rick gave a brief intro on Monday, and today I will add a little more to the mix. I’ve been an artist my entire life, and the last 8 years I have knee deep in the clothing world. And just recently I have had the opportunity to come aboard here at Maisto.

Why die cast you may ask? A new challenge and simply I love cars straight up! I’m mainly into early iron, and really into 60’s muscle. But if it’s got a motor, smashes and looks good doing it I’m probably gonna like it. Don’t get it twisted I have respect for Japanese, exotics, and everything in between.

Besides being an artist, I am also a gear head. Wrenching on my car for the past 21 years and I will always get excited when I get to fire it up. Here it is 1967 Nova supercharged SBC my first car and will remain with me forever.

Super excited to be a part of the team here at Maisto CAPD. This concludes my first post but this next image should hold you over till tomorrow.

The best use of roof and luggage racks ever!