The New Look of Law Enforcement

At least the way we see it. 1:24 AllStar Rescue Force, hitting the stores like NOW!





and maybe some new emergency vehicles while we are at it…






Dodge Challenger Hits The Shelves

we report on our products in various stages in this blog. usually you see it in some sort of finished form, as in pre-production, or first production. with the nissan gt-r you get all the stages. and we realized, you don’t get to see it in full production mode too often. our operations manager here, jane (the brain) advises us regularly when we receive new inventory in the warehouse. sometimes we request it brought up to the pd cage, and we allow the designers to slobber over their creations. so why not take a few photos before pd get’s their grimy hands on it? first up is the 1:24 dodge challenger srt-8

this is from our special edition line, but the detail on the engine is great for the price-point

the interior is extremely detailed, right down to the dual cup-holders

the challenger concept in 1:18 was our #1 model in the americas ly – we are thinking the same might be true for this year’s challenger production version.