Bryan Johnson to get his trophy as the Maisto “pick” at the Diecast Super Convention

In February, CJ and his dedicated crew from put on the fantastic Diecast Super Convention in Las Vegas. He was kind enough to invite folks from Maisto along with a bunch of celebrities in the toy and real car world. Three of us, Ralph Benitez, Eddie Casto and yours truly, Charles Hepperle, attended the events, autographed posters and picked our favorites in the customizing contest. Bryan Johnson’s entries were our favorites — we couldn’t just pick one of them because they were all so good.

Here is a photo of one of his entries as well as a picture of the master himself soon after his selection was announced at the awards dinner. You can see more photos of his customized 1:64 diecast in Castro’s post on July 9 here.

Here is the handmade trophy that we made for Bryan — he’ll be receiving it soon. The die-cast on it is the Maisto 1:64 AllStars Knuckle Dragger with special paint and a drag chute added on the back. The base paint is the original liquid orange color but the pad print decoration was removed. Then, several coats of flat clear with silver flakes were sprayed on followed by several coats of flat clear without flakes. When it dried, the paint was carefully sanded and polished to eliminate the roughness of the flakes and a few more coats of flat clear were applied. The drag chute was hand-shaped from styrene plastic then painted silver.

The car on the trophy is nothing compared to the detail that Bryan puts into his contest-winning cars but it’s our tribute to his skill.


A Free Porsche!!

Well, kinda. These things aren’t free to make…but if you happen to make it by the Maisto booth at the Nuremburg Germany or New York toy fairs this year, you may find one in your bag!! [Sorry collectors, the toy fairs are only open to the trade but maybe you can sweet-talk your local die-cast shop owner into getting one for you. — Charles. These are a limited run of 2,010 pieces.]

Come by and say hi!

Maisto 2010 Toy Fair souvenir car and package

Added Jan. 12: We might, repeat might, have some to give away at the Diecast Super Convention in Las Vegas in February — see for convention details.