Good Night!

Today is a day of transition friends. We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you something new, something fresh and amazing. This blog is going to sleep, signing out for the weekend, we will be back on Monday with something NEW! Make sure to visit the main page next week!


YES, the Double D reads your e-mails!

Recently we received an e-mail from Justin B. asking if we will be making the production SRT-8 Dodge Challenger, and the Harley Night Rod. YES Justin, the production Challenger will be available in 1:64 and 1:24 scale models and the Dark Custom Harley Night Rod Special in 1:18 scale. The Night Rod will first be available at Harley Dealers late this year, and in retail stores some time next year.

I was browsing Justin’s site and he takes some great photos, check out these of our Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and Carrera GT.

That is classy! Nice work Justin! Check out Justin’s die-cast site at:, he has a great collection!

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