Maisto Out Of The Closet! part 2

Remeber the Hoodz? Yeah, these were the best, HUGE, GINORMOUS front ends/hoods/grills, whatever you want to call them, and TEENY-TINY, MICRO-SIZED, rear ends. WHAT THE???? What were we thinking? Well, I’ll just go out on a limb and say, this didn’t come from CAPD. They are kinda cute though, and with the GirlZ, and the HoodZ name giving you street cred, you can’t go wrong, right? …WRONG! Here is a little mockup in all it’s HoodZ glory, that launched the “HoodZ Craze” or some of us hoped it would have! They are cute though aren’t they?


Maisto Out Of The Closet! part 1

so this post started on tuesday, not quite over the hump yet, and it just happens to be TAX DAY, sucky kinda day, contemplating what we are going to put up on the blog (man is this tough!). we keep telling Ralphie the name of the blog is the daily dose, he thinks one post a week is fine… anyway, we’re trying to keep it fresh and new each day, you know how we do. so Charles (aka the professor) had this great idea of posting up old concepts that were sent to the graveyard before they even saw the light of day. we were like yeah, that will last half a post. i mean how much of that could this innovative, awesome company have? us? items that never made it to retail? noooooooooooooo!!!! and then, we went to the closet…

we were all pretty floored at the stuff that was locked up in the back room, the mock-up room, a.k.a. La Casa De Dimex!!! sometimes we have ideas or HK has ideas that just don’t quite make it, and when they don’t make it, they usually end up here (in the closet.) when we pulled the stuff out, most of our jaws dropped because we had never even seen these items and deep down we all knew why. so let’s start this fun, eye-opening, belly-aching, and somewhat frightening, little trip down Maisto memory lane. we’ll milk it, one item a week, and we’ll see how far we go.

anyone feeling thirsty?

really, after seeing this, I can use a drink…you? mmmmmm, yeah! let’s crack this baby open!

oh wait….. it’s not a drink? it’s packaging? Ahhhhhhh Yeeeeeeah!

so let’s analyze why the “Tuner Tonics”, the “Drifter Drafts”, or the “Cola Cars” did not get past dr. no:

… could not negotiate around the $.05 per bottle recycling charge.
… retailers expected too many “Clean Up On The Toy Aisle” calls.
… drinking and driving just do not mix. C’Mon.

stay tuned to this topic, because, unfortunately, there are plenty more where this came from!