1/24 Maisto Design: Assembly Line, The 1955 Buick Century


We’ve reached the end of the week and on this fantastic Friday we’re closing out the work week with a quick look at one of our 1/24th scale Maisto Design: Assembly Line models, the 1955 Buick Century! That’s right, you can piece together a custom Buick Century with the help of our die-cast metal kit with everything needed for assembly to be already found inside the box, even the screwdriver with no additional paint or glue needed! Once completed, your new Buick model in the color combo of Red, White and Black, will feature a set of opening doors, as well as an opening hood to help give you a better peek at all of its internal details! When looking for it at your local retailer, be sure to keep an eye out for our custom Maisto Design packaging color-coded Teal and labeled ASSEMBLY LINE!

Calling all cars! Be on the lookout for a 1:26 1955 Buick Century


See photos of the pre-production model as well as the tooling model at the Highway Patrol TV show website.

The Maisto die-cast has no direct connection to the TV show. However, the CHP supplied the patrol cars, including the ’55 Buick, to the show in its early years. On the show, the CHP door shield was covered by a generic shield. The Century 2-door sedan was unique to the CHP — it was a short run of Special 2-door sedans that had the Century engine and front fenders (4 venti-ports on each side instead of 3).

Be sure to cruise around to the other pages on the http://www.highwaypatroltv.com site — it has a lot of interesting material including a parody of the show that appeared in Mad magazine and a clip of Broderick Crawford being pulled over on the CHiPs TV show. The website’s host, Gary Goltz, is a real fan and even owns his own 1:1 Highway Patrol ’55 Buick. In addition, he is a big supporter of the 11-99 Foundation that is a nonprofit, charitable organization that provides benefits and scholarships to California Highway Patrol family members.

As always, Maisto takes no responsibility for what is posted on sites other than our own.