1/24 Maisto Design: Outlaws, The Volkswagen Beetle


It’s officially Friday, the last work week day before the New Year and we’d thought we’d send it off with one last quick look at the 1/24th scale Volkswagen Beetle from our Maisto Design: Outlaws series! This die-cast model loves to ride low & slow in custom Blue paint, a set of fresh rims and vertically opening doors as well as an opening engine compartment! Popping open one the latter two will grant you an even better look at all the details tucked inside like the view from behind the dash or the engine itself! In order to find it along with the rest of the Maisto Design: Outlaws at your local retailer, be sure to keep an eye out for our special Maisto Design packaging, color-coded Purple and labeled OUTLAWS!


MaistoTECH R/C Street Series: The 1/10 1951 Volkswagen Beetle


We’re closing out this first week of the year with a blast from the past, the 1951 Volkswagen Beetle found in a 1/10th scale from our MaistoTECH R/C Street Series line! As one of the biggest in the Street Series, the Beetle comes in two separate, incredibly detailed color options, Red, or a two-tone Blue and White! In a complete, ready-to-run package, this kit comes with a rechargeable battery, charger, and proportional speed-control remote included, and supports the biggest control range of the Street Series! There’s even a few different radio control options available when it comes to this replica, a 27MHz version, a 49MHz version, and even a 2.4GHz version are all readily available! To find them at your local retailer, along with the rest of our MaistoTECH R/C line-up, keep your eyes open for our new MaistoTECH R/C packaging!


2009 Hippie Line – Peace the …. OUT!

story time –  here it is. january, 2009 – get to hong kong ready to kick the year off with a banging new line of products capd had been working on hard for the previous 10 months. plus, i am there to show the bosses the first wave of 2010 products.

and then i see this…

whhhhhaaat?  we didn’t do this. was i having a flashback? i mean, i ingested some things i’m not too proud of now back in the 70’s, but are they affecting me now?

i’m confused. then, they tell me our great distributor from germany, bauer, is bringing this, wants it in 4.5″and 1:24, is going to buy it. and i am like hhhuuuuhhhh?

now we did something like this 10 years ago, CH did a post about it here 1:18 VW BUG. and bauer was with us then.  i guess they felt it was time for a flower power comeback.

and who were we to argue. i mean in the state i was in, i was looking around for the man, popping a stick of gum in my nouth, making sure i had nothing on me,…

they went on to do pretty well with the stuff. we never brought it in here, nor put it in the catalog. but they are out there, in the wild, probably in europe. somewhere.

that’s it – i’m out. gotta take my kid go buy a blacklight poster. peace.