Ferrari Spotted At Bburago Booth in Nuremberg

Mom always liked Bburago better. How else can you explain the fact that they get a Ferrari 599 in their booth at the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair in Nuremberg Germany last week? I mean, just cause the Maisto showroom is in a permanent hall on the second floor that does not have an elevator to accommodate a Ferrari, nor a way to get it down the halls, nor a door wide enough to allow entrance, so THEY get the Ferrari? Jeez.

it was a show-stopper, to say the least. car enthusiasts were loving it, and toy enthusiasts were anxious to see the first new range of mass market Ferrari products in the last 10 years, thanks to our new deal with Ferrari that allows us to ship Cars with Playsets.

that clay is the new 458 Italia, which should be ready to ship by April of this year. all of the new Bburago Ferrai Race and Play line will be in 1:43 scale for 2010. 8 models shipping right now, another 4 by the beginning of Q2. it sure looked like a lot more on this Wall of Ferrari, which was helping to protect the real car…

and thanks for asking, but no it was not my car. we just borrowed it for the show.

and one of these days, it would be nice to get the BBurago Blog up and going – til then, we will gladly rent our twin sister of a different mother some space, especially if they are sharing photos of sweet Italian rides.


You have questions. We have (some) answers.


i have been meaning to write this post for a while, but something always just got in the way. sorry about that. but every once in a while, we get some questions in our comments section to a post, and dammit, you all deserve some answers. so here goes, let me try to address some of what has been on your mind…

Q. Catalogs – How do we get one?

A. probably our number one asked question, and honestly, i don’t have a straight answer for you. the catalogs are expensive, $6 to $7 each, and at 152 pages for maisto, and 108 pages for bburago, there is going to be some shipping charges as well. they are primarily used for the trade, retailers, licensors, etc. as opposed to mailing the paper catalog, which would be expensive and kill a tiny forest, maybe there are 2 better options – download from our website (our best option) or COD (catalog on disk). the download we hope to have ready by mid March. the disk would still require us to exchange money, though. would you pay for shipping and handling of a disk to satisfy your catalog needs?

Q. Line Listing – how do we get it?

A. Kind of like the catalog issue, it is really meant for the trade. we will be updating the website over the next 45 days with the 2009 line-up. some has already been done, there is a lot more to do, but as soon as jose gets back from new york toy fair, he is on it.

Q. How Can We Contact You To Tell You What We Want You To Make?

A. This question is near and dear to the daily dose heart. And we have a simple answer for you:



we’ll add this button to the rollbar on the side, but it is your invitation to write us on whatever topic you like. we want to hear from you about what models you would like us to make, colors, or even send over pictures of your collection – maybe we’ll even post it on the DD!

Q. What is the relationship, other than twin sistah from a different mother, between Bburago and Maisto?

A. Sisters, to be sure. Owned now by the same parents. We have posted many topics here about Bburago, but later this year, Bburago will be getting their very own blog! Their website is maintained in Italy, but the blog will be pure fontana, baby…

Q. MotoGP – What is the latest?

A. OK Hickhamt – this one’s for you and your crew at  we are hoping this year will be a little easier for the new liveries, but we can’t say for sure. we do know that the bikes are barely changing, so that makes it easier. i’ll know more after i see the folks from ducati the end of this week, but we would hope to have stoner and hayden bikes ready by mid-april. forget about rizla-suzuki, i don’t see it happening. kawasaki is more likely, but sales are going to have to increase for us to expand beyond ducati, honda, and yamaha, and in these times, i’m just not so sure. regarding older liveries, just won’t happen – each livery is expensive to produce, plus there are licensing hassles, and cuz i handle the licensing, and i don’t ike hassles, fuhgettabout it…

Q. Full Size Trucks – will you make more of these?

A. Uh, probably not at the top of our radar screen right now, at least in die-cast. we will have a whole slew of r/c trucks coming out later this year in our MaistoTECH brand, but the die-cast tools are so costly, they really have to turn into a big number for us worldwide in order to recoup the dollars out of the mold.

The Art of Maisto and Bburago

we are back from another successful trip to hong kong. the mood amongst customers was positive, given the state of the economy, and we are placing our outlook at level orange – cautious optimism. while there we are always ready, camera in hand, to take some photos that we hope you might find interesting.

this next grouping of photos are snapshots of what is used to decorate the offices and showroom in hong kong. we hear from many people that the maisto/bburago showroom is one of the finest – not just product lay-out, but everything that goes into the look, the feel, and the style of the headquarters. some of the following is what gives it that feel.

first up – blackie. blackie is a famous photographer from germany that is used a lot by our distributor for their ad layouts. a couple of years ago he showed the bosses some pictures he had put together using our products – they are outrageous, cool, and most definitely blog-worthy…



these two pieces were printed on a canvas material and stretched over a wood frame, giving it a hand-pained look. maybe 36″ by 48″

this next group is a little on the more esoteric side. when we were going through the Bburago facility, they had all sorts of interesting artwork – much of it incorporating actual die-cast pieces. it was all arranged in formation, then painted, usually a very bright color, framed. next.




hope you enjoy the look inside our headquarters.

No Pictures Please!!!

Yesterday we had to arrange a little photo shoot of a playset for Bburago, and yes we had to bring in the big guns! Not The Jonas Brothers, Not Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or Leonardo… We brought in Jake and Michael. Yes little Castro, and little Chu, son of super salesman Robert Chu! The game was set and the task was simple, get some good photos to use on a package. Jake was ready like a week ago, reminding me every day, are we going to work tomorrow dad? when Dad? when are we going to work? Well yesterday was the day and he was so excited! We both came in with our backpacks and started the work day!

He was having a blast! pulling toys out, grabbing cars off of desks, nerf guns, you name it! Here he is playing with some of the latest Street Troopers!

So after he played a while, had lunch, it was time to go to work! Wait this isn’t work? Is it? Here’s some of the CAPD setting up the shoot. Making sure the pics come out nice!

Here’s Michael and Jacob (the talent)! They had never met each other before, but hit it off instantly, they did just what any kids would do…they played! Completely ignoring the photoshoot set up and boring adults!

Here’s a shot behind the scenes, Dimex filming for the DD and our youtube page. Also R2B2 and Charles in the background.

These little guys had the best time! Here’s a view from above.

And that was it! The boys did great, played the whole time, didn’t complain, and got hooked up with some cool toys and Maisto swag!!! I bet RHB wishes the design team was that easy to deal with! Yet another reason why I Love My Job!

Til’ Next Time!


Sorry for the lack of updates folks, things have been pretty busy around the ol’ Maisto offices. Our annual global sales meeting is in full swing and 2009 product is rolling down the assembly line. Oh yeah there is still that BIG announcement! We’ll see what turns up around the corner, cause there’s really no NEED for us to keep beating around the bush! So things are speeding along and today low and behold a new package from HK. You don’t know the feeling a CAPD designer gets when something we worked on shows up at the office as a PPS (Pre-Production Sample). Then the even greater feeling to see it show up on the store shelves around the world! IT’S AWESOME! Here are some new Street Tuners decos from our Twin Sistah Bburago! Also some sweet new Tonka decos!

R/C Reventon Hits The Shelves

as all of you know, maisto has a twin sistah from another mutha, that being bburago 

well bb has had all the fun as it relates to lamborghini’s famous and fabulous $1.5m reventon, building it in just about every scale imaginable. maisto has been left out, until now.

that’s right friends, the reventon is now available in 1:24 radio control! 

now you can experience all of the fun of owning one of the world’s most expensive cars, AND freely crash it into your garage wall by accident with little or no body scrapes.

she’s a looker, that is for sure. available today – the 1:24 radio control lamborghini reventon. ciao!