A first look at the 1:18 OUTLAWS!

Boy we do have some cool castings here at Maisto, some that have been pretty much stock for their entire existence in our catalog. Well we here in CAPD had to put a stop to that. I mean what good are classics if you can’t have a little fun with them, right? A little drop here, some wheel swaps, a fresh new coat of kustom paint, some pinstriping, and voilá! You have yourselves some fancy lookin’ sleds! 1:18 scale AllStars Outlaws… 

’56 Chrysler 300 B



’50 Ford



and there you have it…

a new 1:64 elite transport

from the “coming soon” file is a brand new c.o.e. that will be in our wildly successful 1:64 allstars elite transport. still in it’s beautiful clay tooling model form, this new c.e.o. s expected to see the light of day in spring, 2009. featured here with a new 1957 chevy. enjoy!


New 1:24 Elite Transport

wow, this whole blogging thing is kind of wierd. it seems, and correct me if i am wrong, that if we keep putting up posts that you all are interested in, that you keep coming back, and our hits on the site goes up. could this be true? well, i am going to believe that it is, so we’ll step up the posts a little bit.


we have a new line coming out, based in part on our wildly successful 1:64 elite transport series, which has been, well, wildly successful. we are moving on up for 2009, into the new 1:24 scale elite transport. in this version, we are starting with one of 2 tools, either a 1948 ford f-1 pick-up truck, or a 2009 maisto tow transport. both models will come in tons of versions, starting with the following 4:





and yes, the towing apparatus in the back is operational. first on board with the 1:24 elite transport will be Target, beginning in spring 2009. that means january, if not sooner, in the stores.

Heavy Metal!!!

Sometimes we sit and debate on things here in the CAPD. What vehicles to do each year, should the vehicle be lowered or lifted?, graphics or no graphics??? What are we gonna post on the blog today and keep everyone entertained and/or fed on their daily die-cast meal (apparently some people eat them). Explain that one to your dentist… If you remember a while back (you do read this daily right? We thought so!) we posted about B-rad’s son-in-law and our military-themed Elite Transports. (Read More Here)

Well, one of these debates was about reality vs. fantasy. Toy cars are fantasy right? I mean of course we want them to look real, but does one prefer realistic attributes over fantasy and making something look cool and fun? Could a heavy duty truck carry a tank for instance? Maybe, maybe not, but it sure looks bada**! What are your thoughts? E-mail us or comment on the post, we’d love to hear your opinions.


You can’t go wrong with classic cars, they are just gorgeous, even if they are kind of wore down. Weathered, primered, rusted, whatever, you can’t beat cruisin’ down the street, scraping the ground, and turning heads. So when CAPD was asked to create some new tools for AllStars Elite Transport, we chose to go with our hearts! A ’57 Chevy Kustom Tow-Truck and this bad mutha (shut yo mouth!) is towing a Kustom ’50 Merc. Yes another paint variant of the famous Merc from our friends over at “Cacho Customs”. This one is bananas, good luck finding it on the pegs!



so we came back from the Memorial Day weekend and low and behold several boxes for us to go through. awww yeah! everyone got excited to peep what kind of freshness awaits us this week. let’s take a peek! looks like the Street Troopers are out in force!

boxes and boxes of Street Troopers…ready to rid the streets of some SCUM!

here’s a closer look at PT-808, this bad boy transforms from vehicle to robot attack mode at the push of a button! he’s kind of cute…in a deadly, killer robot, kind of way!

here we have b-rad going through the boxes trying to find something dope and dimex telling him to get his hands off his booty! (booty in a pirate treasure kind of way.) b-rad is carrying a crapload of different 1:24 scale color schemes for the HUMMER® HX™. who’s that thug in the background? who let him in the design department?

oh yeah that’s ralph, and he’s found a special package of 1:64 scale AllStars Red.

b-rad faints cause he’s been waiting for something good. see how happy we get when the good stuff comes in? ok maybe he’s overreacting a little.

ooooooohhhh!!! colorful, plastic wrappped, die-cast metal goodness!

“whoop, whoop!!! that’s the sound of da police!”

it’s possible you may have found these already on the pegs and it’s also possible these are totally brand new to you, so keep your eyes peeled. sometimes we don’t know until we find ’em ourselves!

2009 Nissan GT-R: More photos…

Part 3 of our ongoing story of following a new 1:24 scale model from beginning to the store shelf.

The Product Development Request form has been signed by the company president so this is now an official project (we knew it would be so we jumped the gun a bit on getting photos and specs in advance). It has been assigned an SKU (stock keeping unit = the part number) of 18-42016. Brian and his crew at our Hong Kong headquarters located a GT-R there. They took measurements and shot more photos. They will now be further analyzing the information and will be planning the number of parts, determining the various materials to be used and instructing our modelmakers in China to begin sculpting the master model.

2009 Nissan GT-R: And So It Begins…

Part 2 of our ongoing story of following a new 1:24 scale model from beginning to the store shelf.

April 18: I’ve filled out our Product Development Request (PDR) forms for each of the GT-R models that we’ll be making. These forms give the details about the scale, line name, features, etc. as well as business information such as the projected quantity to be made. The forms were signed off by the U.S. people involved and will be hand-carried to our headquarters office in Hong Kong this weekend. There, the forms will be reviewed and additional information such as pricing and the estimated retail availability date will be added. When the details are acceptable, the president of May Cheong will sign it and a copy will be sent to me to file here at the California office. BORING!!! But it’s better than having people not “being on the same page.” We won’t be telling you how much this project will cost us but it’s a lot so we want to be sure that the details are communicated in advance.

I’ve sent the photos and specs to my counterpart Brian at our Hong Kong office who will review them and advise management about the project. He’ll also let me know if he needs additional images. One interesting feature on the car are the panels under the chassis that reduce aerodynamic drag. It’s just as important to keep the air flowing smoothly underneath as it is on top. The photo also shows an enlargement of part of the exhaust system — there are some interesting shapes there that will visually set off the smooth panels surrounding it.


once in a while, we get things right. it doesn’t always happen, but once in a while…
maybe a month ago we had requested capd to create some new graphics for our line of 1:64 elite transport, which have been selling incredibly well. the guys had asked about doing some military decos, and dr. no, capd’s boss-man, did not say no. about 2 weeks ago the first samples came in.

capd tells dr. no some of the graphics are authentic, but that everyone is behind them.
so our own b-rad, brad trimmer, did the graphics. b-rad was off on vacation last week, which isn’t much of a change from his normal slacker tendencies while he is here (everyone knows we are joking about that…). so b-rad goes back to kentucky to visit family, including his son-in-law, who is stationed at Ft. Knox. oh, and he takes the sample with him. he had created the graphics replicating the marking, name, and motto of Fort Knox’s 19th Engineer Battalion, his son-in-laws unit. fortunately, everyone was pretty thrilled about it, so i guess dr. no is also.
hit the link to take a look at the story as it appeared in the local newspaper – don’t worry about typos or misinformation about quantities, etc – the bulk of the story is accurate.
way to go b-rad – we’re proud of you and your son-in-law!

click here to read the whole article

Rico’s Used Toy Lot!

Come on down and check out what we’ve got, test roll a brand-used vehicle today! We have plenty to choose from. Ok these are not really for sale, well they are when you find them in the store, but not these particular ones. These are first off the line decos. These are usually sent to licensors for approvals. These are what the CAPD uses to check our work and ensure you are getting a quality die-cast model, and our last chance to make any changes to the graphics or paint schemes. ENJOY!

Can you find any you don’t have? Any you have never seen? Leave us a comment and let us know!