1/24 Maisto Design: Authority, The 1929 Ford Model A


We’re opening up the week with a look at a model from our large and in charge 1/24th scale Maisto Design: Authority series, the 1929 Ford Model A to be exact! Fitted with custom paint, a hot engine, and aftermarket wheels and tires, this die-cast Ford Model A rocks the Black and White with a Police Deptartment 29 Badge on full display on the doors! Speaking of which, the vehicle features a set of opening doors, giving you full access to the vehicle’s interior, as well as full function steering at the turn of the steering wheel! In order to find the Model A or any of our other new 1/24th scale Maisto Design: Authority cars, keep an eye out for our custom Maisto Design packaging labeled AUTHORITY and color-coded Blue!

1/64 H-D Custom, The 1929 Ford Model A


It’s officially Friday and we’ve decided to close out the week with a quick peek at one of the six new 1/64th scale die-cast vehicles to join the forces of our H-D Custom line-up, the 1929 Ford Model A! This Model A comes in the iconic colors of Harley-Davidson as seen above, with the number 53 and a skull surrounded by Harley-Davidson Motorcycles found painted on the side! When looking for it at your local store or H-D retailer, be sure to keep an eye out for our special H-D Custom blister card or window box packaging with the Harley-Davidson logo shown on the front!

Up Close and Personal with Maisto’s new 1:24th Scale 29 Ford Model A!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about one of our latest castings, a 1:24th scale 29 Ford Model A. We have two variations, a more subtle custom version and a chopped and dropped hot rod version. Charles and I (CASTRO) worked together to bring you the two different versions. I didn’t work on the graphics this time, but I can’t wait to get my hands on one! What I did do was take Charles’ already awesome more traditional look, and hacked it up stretched it out, and slammed it to the ground. Just how I like ’em!

Here is the first style that will show up in Maisto’s Special Edition line. She looks purrrdy in Red.

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (Special Edition)
1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (Special Edition)

Here she is in yellow, very Hot! Makes you want to take her for a run down the two-lane blacktop!

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (Special Edition)

Here is…get ready for it…the kustom version, graphics by our boy JCUriarte. I like the two-tone color combo.

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (AllStars)

and here, just the way I like ’em. Flat black with a little red & white pinstriping. Lookin’ pretty bad ass! Yes those are “suicide” doors.

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (AllStars) with Doors Open

She is a BEAST!

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (AllStars) Front View

and looks great from behind!

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (AllStars) Rear View

is that? Holy Moly, yest it is….

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (AllStars) Side View

a Skull Knob shifter…..wowzers. Here’s a little close-up of the guts. Hard to see, but she has some awesome bomber style seats as well. You can bet I will be designing some bitchin’ paint schemes for these, Whitewall Rebels and Outlaws of the world unite!

1:24 Scale 29 Ford Model A (AllStars) Pattern/Skull Shift Knob Detail