Ferrari Spotted At Bburago Booth in Nuremberg

Mom always liked Bburago better. How else can you explain the fact that they get a Ferrari 599 in their booth at the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair in Nuremberg Germany last week? I mean, just cause the Maisto showroom is in a permanent hall on the second floor that does not have an elevator to accommodate a Ferrari, nor a way to get it down the halls, nor a door wide enough to allow entrance, so THEY get the Ferrari? Jeez.

it was a show-stopper, to say the least. car enthusiasts were loving it, and toy enthusiasts were anxious to see the first new range of mass market Ferrari products in the last 10 years, thanks to our new deal with Ferrari that allows us to ship Cars with Playsets.

that clay is the new 458 Italia, which should be ready to ship by April of this year. all of the new Bburago Ferrai Race and Play line will be in 1:43 scale for 2010. 8 models shipping right now, another 4 by the beginning of Q2. it sure looked like a lot more on this Wall of Ferrari, which was helping to protect the real car…

and thanks for asking, but no it was not my car. we just borrowed it for the show.

and one of these days, it would be nice to get the BBurago Blog up and going – til then, we will gladly rent our twin sister of a different mother some space, especially if they are sharing photos of sweet Italian rides.