so young, so beautiful, and already the pressure of the media, paparazzi shoving a camera in your face…

our 1:18 SLS AMG, made with CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements has just appeared on a British news show, which was doing a feature on Toys for the Holidays. The store, Hamleys, is really remarkable, 7 stories or something in London. check out the clip here:

SLS at Hamleys

Mercedes-Benz, Anyone?

we are beginning to see the fruits of several years of labor on the licensing front as our new arrangement with mercedes-benz is kicking into gear. the result is a whole bevy of new 3-pointed star products in a wide range of scales. here is a photo of the new 1:18 sl63 amg, due out next month

and then we have a variation of the tool, a 1:18 sl550, in red

we showed you some photos of the new sls, and had a comment about availability of other colors. the answer is yes, 3 colors to start. here are some catalog photos for your enjoyment

Maisto On The Road – Back In Portugal

Our friend Mr David Lopes sent us some nice photos of a promotion they did in the key toy store Brinka – 16 stores throughout the Portugal featuring Maisto 1:18 and 1:24 HUMMER products. To drive the point home, Mr Lopes made the effort to rent an actual HUMMER, and send it to various stores to mix in with their displays.


That’s the way they roll!


Great job David! Thanks for the photos.