2011 Elite Transports “SNEAK PEEKS”

We received some images from our factory the other day regarding our 2011 1:64 Elite Transports. That’s right, twenty-eleven Elite Transports. So, until we get the official word from the licensees that they are approved and good to go – here are some sneak peeks. We’ll post full images soon.

Well thanks for looking and check back soon for the full image update.


International Durastar Rd.2

For those of you keeping track, here is the complete 2010 release of the 1:64 Elite Transport International Durastar flatbed. Thank you for following this tool from beginning to end here on the Maisto DD. If you missed it, here is the original post showing the tooling model.

International Durastar with the Hummer Hx

International Durastar with the 50 Merc

International Durastar with the Audi R8

International Durastar with the 29 Ford

International Durastar with the ’57 Chevy Bel Air

International Durastar with the ’64 Ford Galaxie 500

The 2011 release are already being produced so stay tuned for that, of course we’ll be posting those pics when those arrive!

1:64 scale Extreme Haulers pt.2

As you can see from r h b’s blog below – we are extending our line of Fresh Metal big rigs with the new addition of the 1:64 scale International Lonestar Extreme Hauler. You guys are going to love these things! Excellent attention to detail and some pretty notable brands adorning the sides of these rolling billboards. Kicking off the first release will be Audiobahn Stereo Equipment, Firestone tires, Hot Rod Magazine, Motor Trend Magazine, our own brand GEAR 18 and of course an awesome colab featuring Gangster Billy and Dstroyr!

We will be doing a follow up detail pictorial of these soon along with release info so stay tuned!

Now all we need is some Jerry Reed playing in the background and we’ll be doing just fine.


We got ourselves a CONVOY

Well, since RHB is gone…jet setting around the globe, kissing babies, shaking hands and the like, guess that means I should throw a blog up.

So my contribution this week will be the introduction of the last of the 2010 Target Allstar RED Transporters. These little hotties should already be in your local Target stores, if they aren’t, they will be soon so keep an eye out.

We have chosen 2 automotive icons to close out the 2010 season, the race themed 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air and cloaked in fire gear, the 2010 Ford Mustang GT.

Here’s a quiz for ‘ya, who can identify the history behind the fire theme? Sorry, no prize for this one, you’ll just be a little wiser.


And for your viewing pleasure, here are the other 6 that complete this years release.

The 1955 Buick Century fire theme and the 1929 Ford race theme
The 1971 Vega Salt Flat Racer
The 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T police theme
The 1936 Chevrolet race theme
And the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution race theme

So there you have it, the 2010 Allstars Target RED Transporters.

International Elite Transport

Happy Friday Daily Dosers!

We are pleased to present the debut of our newest member to the Elite Transport series,

The International® DuraStar™ Rollback.

These are 2 of the 6 being released this year under the #15055 item number in your catalog.

We’ll post the others as they come in.

Hitching a ride on the Outlaws Garage Flatbed is the Heavy Rebel 29 Ford decked out in desert camo print.

Next up is the Forest Service themed DuraStar taking the rugged Hummer Hx in for another hard day of scouting

Also in this week is the Elite Vintage Restoration Maisto Flatbed showing off a pristine 1955 Buick Century rolling on white wall steelies.

Elite Transport: International 4300 Durastar

If you are a fan of our 1:64 Elite Transport sets, then you will be excited to see we have a new addition to the line up. Introducing the International 4300 Durastar flatbed, or rollback if you prefer.
These images are of the tooling model that was sent to International for review and approval. Once they okay it, it goes back to our factory for all the final details to what will hopefully be another successful model in this line up.

Here are the graphics, themes and vehicles slated for the store shelves.
Hope you enjoy.