Formula Drift Rnd 7 Finals

This past Saturday was Formula Drift’s season finals at The House of Drift Irwindale Speedway. I was able to cap the last four battles of the night. The video below only has a few runs of the epic action so enjoy. Also Congrats to Vaughn Gittin Jr. for capturing the 2010 Formula D Championship! Can’t wait till 2011 season kicks off!!!

GT1 Commemorative Edition Corvette

New GT1 Vette came in to CAPD today, had to roll outside to capped some pics. Here is some background to these commemorative edition cars.

Chevrolet used the 12 Hours of Sebring race to show off the new Corvette GT1Championship Edition. This makes sense considering this limited edition is commemorating the Corvette C6.R’s victories in the GT1 class of Le Mans series racing.

The point of the GT1 package is to make the street Vetts look like the race-only cars. Some details of the package include C6.R-inspired graphics featuring Corvette Racing “Jake” mascot and driver flags, ZR1-style body,full width spoiler, chrome wheels, and special engine cover with carbon pattern and yellow Corvette lettering. The colors available are yellow with black trim or black with yellow trim.

E-Dog Designs

Recently I stopped by my friend E-Dog’s place to catch up and see what projects he had going on. E-Dog (government name is Eric Michaud) is an extremely talented builder, painter, fabricator, and just plain good dude. Truly a inspiration to myself and other artist around the globe, his DIY approach is motivation enough to build anything. He was pin striping a  Schwinn Stingray when I came thru, so I capped a few pics around the garage.

His personal car is a 1966 T-Bird and it’s super gnarly, you can’t miss it on the road, the anti freeze green with flames and a purple top is a stand out. I was unable to get a proper photo of since we were in the garage on this night.

Customer car E-Dog is getting ready to finish up.

E-Dog sent over some pics last night of his car, these photos only give you a glimpse of how much work is done. And done 100% by his own hands!

Break Time Maisto Monster Drift R/C Battle

Not gonna lie working for a die cast company is pretty fun. Today we had a random attempt at a tandem battle with the Maisto Monster Drift R/C. B-Rad and myself loaded up some batteries and smashed the controllers. Not much tandem action, but still fun for sure. And with Formula Drift season ending next month, these R/C cars will have to hold me over till next year.

The Monster Drift R/C are available at a store near you.

Freeway Sighting Dead Man’s Chest

While doing research recently on big rigs I came across the Dead Man’s Chest on

And I just happen to spot it on the freeway, not to hard since the owner is located close to CAPD.

TRUCK NAME: Dead Man’s Chest
OWNER: Jessica Martinez Trucking, Mira Loma, Calif.
MAKE/MODEL: ‘89 Peterbilt 379
ENGINE: Caterpillar, 425 hp
TRANSMISSION: Eaton 18-speed
PAINT: Tangerine over silver brass/black; lettering by Wild Bill
GRAPHICS: Isaac Espinoza, Infectious Designs Custom Paint
INTERIOR MODS: Chrysler Towncar front seats
EXTERIOR MODS: Alcoa wheels, custom visor and rear light bar

Speedway Inspiration

For those of you who are not familiar with speedway here is a basic overview straight from the wikipage.

Motorcycle speedway, usually referred to as speedway, is a motorcycle sport involving four and sometimes up to six riders competing over fouranti-clockwise laps of an oval circuit. Speedway motorcycles use only one gear and have no brakes and racing takes place on a flat oval track usually consisting of dirt or loosely packed shale. Competitors use this surface to slide their machines sideways, powersliding or broadsiding into the bends. On the straight sections of the track the motorcycles reach speeds of up 70 miles per hour (110 km/h).

Originating in MaitlandNew South Wales, Australia, in the 1920s,[1] there are now both domestic and international competitions in a number of countries including the Speedway World Cup whilst the highest overall scoring individual in the Speedway Grand Prix events is pronounced the world champion. Speedway is popular in central and northern Europe and to a lesser extent in Australia and North America. A variant of track racing, speedway is administered internationally by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). Domestic speedway events are regulated by FIM affiliated national motor sport federations.

My Dad would take me to Ascot Park way back when I was a little kid to watch the high speed action. And I still make an effort to catch a race or 2 during the season (would like to make it out more). So inspired by these speed demons I ended up creating a t-shirt graphic for DSTROYR that has become a staple design for the brand.

So this week one of my assignments was to create a new deco for the 1:18 Speedway Motorcycle. Some of my favorite time spent designing beside the actual design is researching the subject. You may have an understanding of what you are going to do, but brushing up never hurts. While on my research adventure thru the internet I came across several images, videos, and this surprise.

A UK website takes the Maisto 1:18 Speedway Motorcycle and makes replicas of actual speedway bikes and teams. No Brakes UK is the site and it all started with the Maisto 1:18 scale speedway bike. These replicas started as hand painted pieces of art, and have since been translated to water decals and clear lacquer for protection.

Below are a few examples of the custom work done over at No Brakes UK.

Bruce Penhall 1982 World Final Bike

Jason Crump 2009 Grand Prix Bike

Niels Kristien Iverson 2007 Elite League Bike

Check the video and get a glimpse of the action.