New Color!: MaistoTECH R/C Off-Road Series, The Rock Crawler 6×6


We’re back with a new color update from our 2018 Catalog and this one is coming straight out of our MaistoTECH R/C Off-Road Series! Here we have a new color variant for the vehicle to use when you need more than four wheels, the Rock Crawler 6×6 in Red and Light Blue as seen above bumping its total to choose from out in the wild up to 3! At approximately 17″ long, the Rock Crawler 6×6 features a front, rear and central articulated suspension system, low gearing for off-road fun, and comes paired with our pistol grip tri-channel transmitter allowing up to three of them to be in action at any given place and time! In order to find it on your local retailer’s store shelves, be sure to keep an eye out for our MaistoTECH R/C window-box packaging, labeled Off-Road Series with the Rock Crawler 6×6 logo shown through out the box!


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