New Color!: Fresh Metal, The 4×4 Rebels

It’s officially Friday and we’ve wrapping up the week with a wrap-up all it’s own, we’re taking a quick look at all of the latest color options from our Fresh Metal 4×4 Rebels series! Just below, you’ll find the entire selection of new color options for the 4×4 Rebels that we haven’t already talked about here on the blog! At approximately 4.5″ long, the 4×4 Rebels sport a raised chassis with a full set of off-road tires to boot! They even feature a set of opening doors as well as an opening hood or tailgate on some styles! In order to find them at your local retailer, be sure to keep an eye out for our Fresh Metal blister card or window box packaging labeled 4×4 REBELS!


1953 Chevrolet Pickup


2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10


1999 Ford F-350 Super Duty


Ford F-150 XL


Jeep Wrangler Rubicon


Volkswagen Van “Samba”


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