Rock Crawler Contest

and so it begins. the greatest contest in the history of mankind. a contest so enormous in proportion it will make the world cup, the super bowl, the world series, the olympics (summer, not winter), and the pba world championship, if all rolled up into 1,  look microscopic in comparison. maisto announces the first ever rock crawler contest.

it is a contest so simple, even i could win it. except i can’t, cuz i am an employee of the company, and the government frowns on that kind of stuff. besides, i can crawl rocks all on my own…

of course i think Rock Crawler would have beat my sorry a** up that mountain, and with less recharging breaks. and guess what, we don’t want to just give you as rock crawler, we are throwing in a AUDIOBAHN car audio system, and a years supply of ROCKY ROAD candy bars! Whoa – now I got your attention, didnt i?

want to know more – hit the link for the detes:


don’t want to read so much – here is what you absolutely need to know:

  • on-line consumer promotion starts oct 15
  • maisto will have a new website by then (pray, and pray again)
  • promoted on the new web-site, web-site,,,, twitter, etc
  • it is a simple, enter-to win sweepstakes, with a grand prize winner and 2 runners-up awards
  • the grand prize includes: 1 R/C Rock Crawler, 1 assortment of Die-cast from Maisto, 1 Audiobahn car stereo system, 1 1 year supply of Rocky Road Candy.

mark your calendars – october 15th is the date. let’s get ready to rock and crawl!!!!!!!

Rock Crawler Video


One thought on “Rock Crawler Contest

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