r h b on the road: next stop – hong kong

that’s right, once again i am on the road, this time making a stop at hq before heading out to europe for some face time with our licensers. one thing is for sure, if i were here full time, we would never have a shortage of post topics.

our showroom here is very, very nice. and they made it even sweeter since i was here last in april. they decided to rearrange things and build a wall of die-cast, complete with metal siding and lighted window-boxes

i think it looks pretty classy, and is an awesome way to show off some special 1:18 products

and of course, there is plenty of product to hilight

whoa – hold on there son. i get the lamborghini gallardo superleggera, the audi r8, the datsun 240z, and the m-b sls. but that last one, we don’t know nothing about a porsche panamera. do we? charles, can i tell ’em? huh – please? this isn’t the answer to your last post, is it? let me know if i won, k?


5 thoughts on “r h b on the road: next stop – hong kong

  1. The Panamera just looks cool man. Keep on leaking the list of models which are going to release in 2011. Please! Please! Please!

    • Thanks for asking. Go to the Maisto products page then enter Porsche in the “Find” box. Choose Hobby Collectible in the “Select Category” box and 1:18 Special Edition or 1:18 Premiere Edition in the “Select Type” box. Click the “Go” button and you’ll have your results.

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