Maisto Out of The Closet!

I was searching last night, you know, googlin and what not. Low and behold I find images of our long lost Stunt Runtz. These things were pretty bad ass for their time. Sure they could have used a little “cool” kick, but they were pretty dope as is. They were characterized stunt riders, busting some wild tricks on their crotch rockets. For the time, I’d say they were pretty amazing.

Stunt Runtz
Stunt Runtz

When I came to Maisto a few years ago and saw all the cool stuff they had under their belt, I knew this was the place for me. Myself being the figure/character aficionado that I am, saw these and loved them. The names on these however, well, that’s another story. I’m just glad I’m here now, so names like that never, EVER, get used again. EVER!

One thought on “Maisto Out of The Closet!

  1. So those look like figures, correct? Were they ever produced? When and where were they available? The names are kind of goofy like you say but kids would be the target audience. The fig’s are very well designed! Nice forms and colors.

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