Freeway Fotos: What’s your dream car?

I took this pic a few weeks ago, we were out getting dinner and I spied this old Chevy Truck sitting in someone’s lot (Reminded me of our “Old Friends” line.) Rusted and beaten down a bit, but I could see her potential. She could shine once again with a little attention, sweat, and lots of love. I can’t believe people let these jewels just rust away.

It got me thinking about my dream car. Sure it would be sweet to be rich like Jay Leno and be able to have garages and warehouses full of cars. I mean, there are so many awesome cars out there, I’m sure I could create a lengthy list of cars I’d love to have. However, my dream car, started when I was a young boy. My grandfather had picked up a 54 Chevy Bel Air, he told me when I was old enough, it would be mine. I don’t remember what color it was when he picked it up, but I do remember him painting it Green on the bottom with the top painted White. She was gorgeous. This is obviously not the car, but this is an example of the color combo.

When I was 14 my grandfather passed away and unfortunately, the car I was promised was sold. So this car has always held a dear spot in my heart. Now that I’ve grown up (some would argue that), I’m on a mission to get one (53-54) when I am able to save up some money for one. That is not the case right now, obviously there are other priorities. When I do get one though, I could see it starting something like this.

And finishing with something like this.

So, what’s your Dream Car?


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