If you had the money, would you buy…

an Aston Martin Super Sport, for $9,600,000?

a Lotus Exos T125, at about $1,000,000?

How about a Morgan EvaGT – priced around $150,000?

(photo from motorauthority.com)

Or a McLaren MP4-12c for about $200,000?

or do you go for the world’s fastest car, the bugatti veyron super sport, at a price of, well, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it…

better yet, if you owned a die-cast company, would you make any of these?

care to vote in the comments section?


9 thoughts on “If you had the money, would you buy…

  1. VEYRON!
    SIKU tried and failed (it looks like a family car!), Hot Wheels did a good job but it’s not enough for this beast.
    Please? 😀

  2. You all fail I would go for the Corvette ZR1 that’s priced at around 120,000, 638 hp, the best of all super cars out there!!

  3. Aston Martin Super Sport. Maisto should make more concept cars IMO, as it had some time ago (e.g. Ford GT90, Ford Mustang Mach III, Chrysler Pronto Cruizer, Dodge Copperhead and so on).

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