Marvel Universe 3″ Die-Cast

Not sure if you’ve found these cars out in the wild yet, but I just wanted to share with you a handful of my favorites from our new Marvel Universe 3″ die-cast line. These new castings lent themselves perfectly to the awesomeness. I’ve already posted pics in package before, but here are some close-ups of the vehicles out of package. I know right?!!! Hope you enjoy.

The Mighty Thor on Oneway vehicle
Abomination on Vantasy vehicle
The Incredible Hulk on Stallion vehicle
Silver Surfer on Chevrolet Camaro
The Invincible Iron Man on Leadfoot vehicle
The Incredible Hulk on Leadslinger vehicle
The Amazing Spider-Man on Street Speeder vehicle
Green Goblin on Leadslinger vehicle
Captain America on Vantasy vehicle
Wolverine on Leadfoot vehicle
Magneto on Nitecrawler vehicle
The Mighty Thor on Street Speeder vehicle
Red Skull on Slayer vehicle

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