Ferrari Race & Play R/C Racers

Our brother from another mother Bburago has been kicking it up a notch with some bitchin new Ferrari product if you haven’t noticed. Bburago is coming out swinging (or cruisin) with the new Ferrari Race & Play R/C Racers with wrist controller. This thing is so cool! Since they’ve come in we haven’t stopped playing with them in the CAPD office. (Oh crap, I forgot the bosses read this blog) I mean… we tested them to ensure quality control, while still focusing on productivity, yadda, yadda, yadda. =)

Anyhow here is a quick video of said awesome wrist controlled R/C. Now understand Jon and I had to shoot this very quickly and I took a few moments to edit it, pick some music (that I will probably have to hear about from El Señor on Monday), and post it up on the blog! Friday’s blog post DONE! NEXT!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Ferrari Race & Play R/C Racers

  1. Like the video. Like the music. The only person with a problem is Fnng Facebook- they pulled the video due to copyright infringement. I hate fB

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