A Typical Day At The Office

or maybe this one should be called “Guys, I got nuthin”. yesterday i was out of the office “on business”. meeting in santa monica, followed by a delicious seafood lunch that my colleague paid for (thanks marc). tuff day, to be sure. i did see a 4′ castro in santa monica, however…

on my 2 1/2 hour drive back to the (inland) empire, i received an urgent message from my asst liz. apparently all the designers had left their posts, intent on seeing something new they had heard about at the local target store. O!M!G! 16,000 e-sheets to do, and they are leaving their wacom tablets to do a store check? what could i do? i was speeding along at approximately 7 MPH on i-10. i could only hold on and hope all of them returned back to maisto shortly. i did send out a quick text, illegally, unsafely, and with my humblest apologies to arnold,  to r2b2, to determine if:

a) it was true,

b) if the boss was truly p-o’d,

c) if there was an excuse, and most importantly,

d) if i was in anyway implicated in target-gate.

r2b2 responded, quickly and decisively that:

a) yes,

b) yes,

c) not really, and, most importantly,

d) seemingly no.

and that was that. i was thinking that i was sure to hear about it monday, but then the wife called, meet us at hometown buffet, we have 2 for one coupons, and all of a sudden 7 MPH is just not cutting it. i then realized my laptop was at the office, my post responsibility is the w/e, so i would have to do it remotely. got home, did a search for ‘spider-man” found this video, and with that, we will check back with you manana…

ok, you got me – i didn’t do a search for spider-man, i was checking out deadspin and came across this spider-man catch – greatest catch ever? and had to figure out how to get it into the blog. whatevah…

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