Freeway Fotos: Alaska edition

"Ice Road Trucker" on the way north
"Ice Road Trucker" on the way north

These are probably going to be the northern-most pix to appear in the blog. However, this isn’t on a freeway (I don’t think there are any in Alaska outside of Anchorage) and I wasn’t driving. Instead, I shot the first two from a tour bus on the Park Highway a few hundred miles south of Denali National Park this past Sunday. Many things are bigger in Alaska than in the lower 48, and big rigs are no exception. From the moose bars and extra lights on the front to the double 40-foot trailers, it’s ready for the adverse conditions found in the state.

That "65" is not 'shopped!
That "65" is not 'shopped!

Trucks aren’t the only big thing up in the 49th state. While there are construction zones with lower speed limits up there, in remote areas the work zone limit is the same as the regular speed limit except that the fines are doubled if you’re caught.

Ready for anything
Ready for anything

While there are a lot of “regular” cars and pickups out in Alaska during the summer, many are modified for winter use, too. Here’s one in a parking lot just outside Denali National Park.

Aftermarket bumper – check.

Raised suspension – check.

Never washed – check.

Spikes on top of hood – what the?


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