Freeway Fotos – Not So Easy

my wife hates freeway fotos. she says they are not safe to do, which is true, and she doesn’t see the point. of course, she does not read the blog, she doesn’t know cars, so what do you want? anyway, i was tracking a cool hot rod the other day, but could not get the shot aligned correctly. i then tried a rearview mirror shot, and got this one

yes sir, that’s a tan leather interior baby – love it?

the other day i played hooky to go to a 12:30 angels – red sox baseball game. on the way, i saw a nice nova i wanted a shot of

not bad, but could i get a better pic of it?

looks about the same as the last one. then i noticed, he was exiting the freeway. damn. so i tracked him, pulled up along side of him, and snapped this just as he was posing for me

and that’s how we do freeway fotos. happy saturday.


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